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SoL's Stephen and Janice Graham on the radio!
Listen to the Grahams on K-Talk radio, 630 AM, Salt Lake City, every Monday from 10 a.m. to noon, Mountain Time.
The Grahams host The Liberty Lineup Show's Faith in the Fire program.
Click here to listen live to K-Talk radio or to download the app to your device.
Click here to listen to archived Faith in the Fire shows from the recent past.

Listen to the heartbreaking comments of a young man lamenting that homosexualists never tell the truth about sexual abuse and addiction involved in the homosexual lifestyle. Given as a comment at a Sunstone Symposium presentation in 2007, the clip is 3 minutes long.

Stephen & Janice Graham were guest hosts on K-Talk radio and discussed proposed revision to Utah's sex education statute. Also, they discussed a forthcoming book, Chased by an Elephant: The Gospel Truth About Today's Stampeding Sexuality. Click here to listen to the podcast. 1-23-2010

SoL's Stephen Graham attended a town hall meeting in Murray Utah about a proposal to expand Utah's sex education law. Click here to see Graham on channel 4's coverage. 8/27/2009

Stephen Graham was Host on K-Talk radio on June 6, 2009. His guest was Jared Law, founder of the 912 Project Network. Listen to the 45-minute program. 6/8/2009

Stephen Graham was interviewed by Fox13's Katy Carlyle about Gov. Huntsman's appointment as ambassador to China, and what it would mean to the "gay" agenda in Utah. Watch the Fox 13 news segment. 5/17/2009.

Stephen Graham was interviewed by KSL-TV's John Daley about comments supporting traditional values and decrying homosexual practise and activism. See the KSL feature. (Graham is on at about the 5 minute mark). 2/20/2009

SoL's Stephen Graham was interviewed on by Katy Carlyle on Salt Lake's Fox13 news following the protest rally and march against the Mormon Church involvment in CA Proposition 8. Click here to see the Fox13 news report by Katy Carlyle. Click here to see the entire Stephen Graham interview. 11/8/2008

Stephen Graham was guest host again on The Unspoken Word radio program, hosted by Steven Rinehart on K-Talk. Listen to the program, and see Steven Rinehart's website for more information. 8/25/2007

Stephen Graham was guest on The Unspoken Word radio program, hosted by Steven Rinehart on K-Talk. Listen to the program, and see Steven Rinehart's website for more information. 8/11/2007

Violent lesbian and gay gangs recruit youth, attack, rape and terrorize. Watch the 3-minute O'Reilly Factor video segment and read the AFT article. 6/25/2007

Promiscuous sex and drug use encouraged to Boulder High School students in a mandatory assembly. Click here to view a 5-minute segment from the Bill O'Reilly TV show. This is the sexual agenda for kids EXPOSED. 5/25/2007

A disturbing video, "It's Elementary," shows pro-homosexual teachers and administrators how to indoctrinate elementary school children to accept homosexuality. Click here to see clips from the video. Click here to read the AFT article. 5/3/2007

KSL-TV interviewed Stephen Graham about a bill proposing changes to Utah's education statute. The Governor subsequently signed the bill into law. Click here to see the TV report. (KSL video requires Internet Explorer to show the video) 3/8/2007

Stephen Graham was on the Steven Rinehart "Unspoken Word" radio show. Steven is a great guy and it was a wonderful chance to get the truth on the air. Click here to listen to the radio program. 3/10/2007

New! Listen to SLF's new audio podcasts. Standard of Liberty Live is a chat with Steve and Janice. Introductory podcast is available now. 30 minutes. 1/20/2006

SLF on Salt Lake City radio station KUTR, AM 820. Janice and Drew Graham were interviewed about our book, My Darling from the Lions, on the Dr. Liz Hale show Friday, Jan. 27, at 10:00 a.m. Hear the podcast of the show. 33 minutes. 1/27/2006.

Listen to KSL's Doug Wright, 1/12/06, show on which our friend Ken Cromar challenges Doug's support of pro-homosexual movie "Brokeback Mountain." 32 min. Read Ken's research document on the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. 1/19/2006

Pro"gay" club propaganda on KSL radio. The Doug Wright Show, 12/15/05, was slanted toward acceptance of GSAs in Utah schools, despite a call from Dr. Richard Wilkins. Listen to the 36-minute show. 12/31/2005

"Brokeback Mountain," the movie celebrating "gay" cowboys,
received unexpected positive reviews from Doug Wright on KSL Radio's Movie Show and Jeff Vice at the Deseret Morning News. To read and hear the reviews, click here. 12/31/2005

Hear Dr. Albert Mohler's radio program about "The Gospel According to Oprah." An expose of the anti-God agenda being taught on her show. 35 minutes. 1/7/2006

Foundation representatives addressed the Provo Utah City School Board Tuesday Nov 8 opposing a homosexually oriented club at Provo High School. Hear radio coverage featuring Stephen Graham. Read the news release. Watch news coverage of SLF going after the GSA (on the top of the TV web page type "Provo High" in the search box, click search, then click on the report). Read the text of KSL TV coverage interviewing Stephen Graham. Read newspaper articles with quotes from Stephen Graham in the Provo Daily Herald before and after the meeting and the Deseret News after the meeting. 11/9/2005

GOOD NEWS! A Judge in Oregon has upheld a ban on homosexual marriages adopted last year. Homosexual activists were hoping to have it overturned. From ABC News. 11/4/2005

"Gay" recruitment of teens. Listen to this excerpt from a weekly radio program by the Family Research Council. It covers the article in Time Magazine about how the activist gay movement is recruiting our youth. 11/5/2005

Convicted Sex offender on KSL radio. Listen to a podcast of a KSL radio show Janice heard Oct. 26 in which a convicted sex offender was given 5 minutes to manipulate the audience and shift responsibility for the crimes of child molesters from themselves to the community! 10/28/2005



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