Standard of Liberty is an LDS-oriented educational foundation which exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements
overrunning America's Christian-moral-cultural life and to inspire the public will, families, and individuals to counteract these trends.

Please note: Our view of homosexuality and the like does not include rejection or condemnation of individuals, nor is it about acceptance and praise
for unnatural and unhealthy sexual identification and behaviors. We promote hope and help in preventing, understanding, and overcoming sexual problems.
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Get Informed- Videos
Find out the truth about the sexual-cultural revolution in America and what can done about it. Read our introductory letter. The following video resources are listed in order of their publication dates. Because it may be impractical and unneccessary for you to obtain and study all these materials, we have provided brief descriptions and reviews as an invaluable education in itself. We regularly add to this list so keep checking for new listings.

“It’s Elementary, Talking about “Gay” Issues in School,” Cohen and Chasnoff, mid-1990s. This video for elementary school students pushes acceptance of the “gay” lifestyle. Produced by “gay” activist organizations, it has been and continues to be shown in public schools. “If we could start doing this kind of education in kindergarten, first, grade, second grade, we’d have a better generation,” says Debra Chasnoff. Sex activists know that attitudes toward sex are taught and they are starting early teaching kids about abnormal, unnatural sexual relationships and families, many times without parental consent or knowledge.

“The Gay Agenda,”and “The Gay Agenda’s March on Washington produced by the Lambda Report, 1993. These documentary- style videos tells how sex activists wish to distract mainstream America from the actual extreme, obscene, and abnormal behaviors engaged in by labeling themselves with a false ethnic-like “identity” or “orientation.” It exposes the insanity and depravity of the GLBT/sadomasochistic/ pedophilia movement, containing descriptions by experts of common dangerous and unhealthy homosexual practices and highly offensive footage of a real life “gay” parade that took place April 23, 1993 which the media hid from the general population. This is the reality of the “gay” lifestyle, a must-see if you can stomach the disturbing graphic medical descriptions and the shockingly obscene sexual costumes, nudity, and acting out. Please note that all film footage shown on these videos took place on the public streets of our nation’s capitol in broad daylight with little children present and participating. Do not be deceived into thinking events such as these are not representative of the gay lifestyle and agenda, or that children are not being hurt and influenced, or that our towns, schools, and families are not or will not be affected by this movement. It is worse than anything you can imagine. It is the truth of what is happening in our country that the sex activists do not want the country to know about just yet. Contact SLF on availability.

“The Gay Agenda in Education,” the Lambda Report, 1993. This video documents how classroom programs promoting homosexuality are quietly being introduced in all regions of the United States. Contact SLF on availability.

“Gay Rights/Special Rights,” produced by the Traditional Values Coalition, 1993. This video is also about the gay agenda and how it is infiltrating our communities and schools. To order call 714-520-0300.

“I Do Exist,” from The Truth Comes Out Project. While homosexual activists and supporters insist that gays cannot change, here is a moving video telling the stories of several ex-gays (male and female) who lived the full homosexual life-style for many years and then left it behind and rebuilt wholesome lives. A must-see. It will change how you may think about homosexuality and the worth of the soul. Order at

“Choosing to Change; From Homosexuality,” Impact Resources, mid-1990s. This video tells the tragic and inspiring stories of several ex-gays and how they escaped from their destructive lifestyle, were healed, and now live wholesome heterosexual lives. Wonderful. Contact SLF on how to get this video.

“Understanding Homosexuality: 1.Go Forward, 2. Marriage Hopes and Realities, 3.Embracing our Homosexual Children", by Video Resources for Latter-day Saints, 2005. This is LDS pro-homosexual propaganda funded by Idaho State Univ. and activist Bruce Bastian which promotes homosexual ideas and behaviors and exists to gain acceptance for unrepentant homosexuals within the LDS Church. We found it long ,boring, repetitive, and unconvincing. But still very dangerous. It is being handed out free to bishops and stake presidents.



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