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Tolerance should not be a one-way street. It requires reciprocity on the part of the person or thing being tolerated. Anthony Esolen has written an article an excellent and thoughtful discussion we highly recommend. Read the Public Discourse article. 9/24/2012

We commend Deseret News for a good article that fairly presents Mark Regnerus's research which shows children of same-sex parents fare worse than those of father-mother families. Read the DesNews article. Read the research as published in Social Science Research. 9/24/2012

Men and women are different! So says research on personality and psychological differrences between the sexes. Read the Family in America blog post "Cardinal Feminist Claim Debunked." It is about halfway down the column of posts. 9/25/2012

Religious Hostility in America? Absolutely! Read survey results in this excellent and disturbing website, sponsored by Family Research Council and Liberty Institute. 9/24/2012

Gay activists mis-characterize Chick-Fil-A position on their values. Read the Citizen Link article that sets the record straight. They are as firm as they ever were for God. 9/20/2012

Really? Utah's former governor and Mormon Jon Huntsman to speak and be honored at "gay" Equality Utah banquet? Read the SLTrib article. 9/19/2012

Liberals believe rights come from government not God. Read the Vision to America article. 9/19/2012

California soon to pass a law allowng for children to have 3 parents, to accommodate gay couples. Read the Focus on the Family article. 9/13/2012

Seriously? Salt Lake City's KSL-TV execs sit down with "gay" leaders to justify its not airing "The New Normal," NBC's new sitcom featuring a "gay" family. Legitimizing "gay" organizations by meeting with them, KSL denied that the "gay" characters had anything to to with the ban. The "gay" groups say the most important thing was that KSL was willing to meet with them. Read the Deseret News article. 9/2/2012

Three favorite sermons. 1.What I've Learned About Grace Since Coming Down From the Sycomore Tree. 2.The Very Root of Christian Doctrine. 3.Discernment for Journeying through Babylon to Athens and Zion. 9/3/2012

Study shows children of "gay" parents at a disadvantage in life. "Gay" groups looking to discredit the author of study called for a Univ. of Texas investigation. The author has been exonerated. Read the Heritage blog post. Read the Regnerus study here. 9/1/2012

Good sermon about homosexuality in the church. Listen to Pastor Bryan Hurlbutt's sermon. Watch Pastor Hurlbutt's sermon. 8/30/2012

CDC issues flier warning of dangers of gay sex. Read the CDC flier. 8/27/2012

Minnesota Supreme Court removes deceptive marriage amendment title. Pro-"gay marriage" govt. employees had changed the title. Read the Alliance Defending Freedom article. 8/27/2012

Utah NBC affiliate KSL won't be airing gay comedy "The New Normal." Read the Deadline Hollywood article. 8/26/2012

FDA rules gay men may not anonymously donate to sperm banks. The reason? Risky, unhealthy sexual activities. Read the SF Chronicle article. 8/26/2012

CDC report says "gays" make up only 2% of US population, responsible for nearly 80% of new HIV/AIDS cases in men. Read the CDC report. 8/26/2012

Federal court says Texas can withhold funding from Planned Parenthood. Read the CitizenLink article. 8/22/2012

Warning! Parents may want to steer their kids clear of the animated film ParaNorman. Included is a character who is revealed as homosexual near the end of the movie. Read the review. 8/22/2012

Family Research Council attacked by Gay center volunteer. Building manager shot, but subdues attacker. Read the Fox News article. 8/20/2012

Chick-Fil-A Day a huge success. Gives traditional values folks a chance to be heard and seen. Read the Fox News article. 8/8/2012

Government study says "gays" are less than 2% of the population. Read the CDC report. Same government study says 2/3 of teens 15-17 are not engaging in sex. Read the NAEA article. 8/1/2012

REALLY? Over 100,000 condoms for the athletes in the olympic village? Turns out time off from competing become an orgy. Read the ESPN article. Read Your Pulic Media article. 8/2/2012

5 other companies that openly proclaim their Christian faith along with Chick-Fil-A. Read the Blaze article. 8/2/2012

Guess who doesn't support Chick-Fil-A: Wendy's. Read the Political Outcast article. 8/2/2012

NBC's new sitcom "The New Normal" is about a gay couple who hires a surrogate to have a baby for them. Read about it and what you can to to protest this gay indoctrination. Read the One Million Moms article. 7/31/2012

David Blankenhorn, of, gives in on "gay marriage." Read his misguided explanation in the NY Times. Read the YourPublicMedia article. 7/31/2012

Therapist Dennis Marcellino says homosexuality is a drug, not natural. Read the Patriot Update article. 7/30/2012

Jay Leno's pro-gay marriage position is flawed. Read the Patriot Update article. 7/30/2012

Obama gives thanks to gay pornographer for sponsoring fundraiser. Read the NewsMax article. 7/26/2012

ACLU even supports Chick-Fil-A. Read the Godfather Politics article. 7/30/2012

Please support Chick Fil-A by patronizing their stores. They are under fire for standing for traditional sexual values, specifically against so-called "gay marriage." One CA city is even considering refusing to allow Chick Fil-A to open a store there. Read the Baptist Press article. Some gay activsts are calling for a boycott of Chick Fil-A. 7/20/2012

Boy Scouts reaffirm support for traditional values by keeping policy to not have gay men be scout leaders. Read the Fox News article. 7/20/2012

Child sexual abuse of a 6-year-old boy who stars in a rap video. Read the article. 7/20/2012

More LDS/gay support from former Bishop. Read the Advocate article, where he says "Queer Eye" TV show changed his mind. 7/20/2012

Gay-affirming San Francisco Mormon Bishop's letter printed in Salt Lake City paper, pushing new gay propaganda pamphlet designed to teach parents how to "accept" their gay children. Pamphlet starts with false premise: That homosexuality can't be changed. Read the SL Tribune OpEd. 7/5/012

Planned Parenthood distributes to college students 55,000 condoms with bar codes to scan so users can report their sexual activities. Read the Life News article. 7/5/2012

How many gay people are there in the USA? Fewer than you may think. Read The Atlantic article. 6/25/2012

New pro-gay survey says gay teens are less likely to be happy. Read the LA Times article. SoL says they don't need to be unhappy. They can change. Read the article listed below. 6/25/2012

Can gays change? Yes! says former APA president Nicholas Cummings. Read The New American article. 6/25/2012

More misled Mormons march in gay parades around the USA. Read the Religion Dispatches article. Also in the article is a letter of a mother emblematic of the conditioning people are giving in to regarding acceptance of homosexuality. 6/25/2012

New comprehensive study says children of opposite-sex parents fare better than those of same-sex parents. Read the FRC article. Read the research report. Read the report on Science Direct site. 6/25/2012

Mormons push "mixed-orientation marriage in slippery-slope activism. LDS Homosexualists claim they can be married, gay, and still be faithful. SoL disagrees. Read this blog. Read the LDS Living article. Read the FAIR article. Read the SL Tribune article. Read the LifeSiteNews article. Read the Mormons For Marriage article. Read SoL articles here and here. 6/25/2012

SoL is constantly being reminded that we're not supposed to judge. Actually, we are to judge with the Spirit of Christ right vs wrong, good vs evil, beneficial vs harmful, etc., and all with Jesus' approval. We don't judge people, but we judge principles, ideas, practices. Here and here are talks which help. 6/25/2012

Las Vegas goes gay! Read the VisitLasVegas article. 6/24/2012

Gay guests at the White House engage in vulgar behavior at first-ever homosexual White House reception. Read The Blaze article. 6/23/2012

Jerry Sandusky found guilty of 45 homosexual pedophile charges. Read the Washington Times article. Read the American Family Assoc. article. 6/23/2012

Read Matt Barber's excellent Open Letter to Homosexuals. 6/16/2012

Children of same-sex couples disadvantaged compared to others. Read the Telegraph article. Read the research report.6/13/2012

Obama comes out in favor of gay marriage. Read The Gospel Connection article. Read the Telegraph article regarding doubts about marriage among gays. 6/9/2012

WV 14-year-old tells the truth about gay and Pres. Obama. Watch the YouTube video. 6/9/201

Target donates over $100k to homosexual group. AFA urges contact with Target President. Read the OneNewsNow article. Read the AFA article. See the pro-homosexual ad on Target's website. 5/25/2012

Five reasons Christians should continue to oppose "gay" marriage. Read the TGC article. 5/13/2012

Was "gay marriage" ever practised before? Yes, in the days, of Noah, according to the Talmud. Read the Godlike Productions blog. 5/13/2012

Common misconceptions about homosexuality. Read Dr. Neal Whitehead's article. 5/13/2012

Founder of "It Gets Better" gay anti-bully website bullies Christian kids at conferrence. Watch the YouTube video. 5/8/2012

CA school children taught about gay sex pervert Harvey Milk. Watch the Save Cal video. 05/08/2012

Spanish Priest speaks against homosexuality and gets sued for his religious beliefs. Read the LifeSiteNews article. 04/25/2012

"Gay" Students at Brigham Young University release video in support of being openly "gay." Watch the youtube video. 4/17/2012

Sex-saturated culture hooking kids on sex. Watch the American Life League video. Warning! Graphic and disturbing. 3/15/2012

A book to teach children 30 ways to make babies? Read The Blaze article. Read the LifeSiteNews article. 3/15/2012

Police state vs. parents in Canada. Father arrested after daughter draws picture of a gun in kindergarten. Read the Blaze artice. 3/6/2012

National PTA receives millions of $ from Bill Gates to push Common Core in local schools. Read the PTA pamphlet that admits it. Study about Common Core at KeepEducationLocal. 3/4/12

Medical records reveal diseases linked to "gay" sex. Read the AFTAH article. Warning: Graphic descriptions and images. 2/29/2012

Free condoms for CA kids as young as 12. Read the Fox News report about how our tax dollars are funding this CA Health Dept. program. Look into the unbelievable Teensource website kids are referred to for the condoms and weekly "Sex Tips," incl. a Planned Parenthood- sponsored video showing graphic comparisons in size and appearance of breasts and genitalia which assures kids that "different is normal," so don't be turned off or shy!! SoL says this information is worthless unless it is to promote all manner of teen sexual promiscuity. Nobody ever needs this hypersexed information. 2/25/12

7-year-old announces he's gay, and parents are ok with it? Read the Huffington Post article. 2/22/2012

British psychologist in danger of losing her license to practise for being willing to help "gay" man overcome homosexuality. Read The Telegraph article. 1/31/2012

Actress angers gay activists by saying her being a lesbian was her choice. Read the Deseret News article. 1/29/2012

15-Year-Old Student Bullied by Wisconsin school for Supporting Biblical View of Family. Read the Liberty Counsel article. Read the Liberty Counsel letter to the WI school district. Read the student's article supporting traditonal marriage. 1/28/2012

A Christian psych student was kicked out of the university program for not being willing to affirm a client's homosexuality. She sued, and the district court agreed with the university. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed that decision in favor of the student. Read the OneNewsNow article. 1/27/2012

We should fight against same-sex marriage. Read Douglas Farrow's Touchstone article. 1/22/2012

SoL member Amber Peck attends Utah Office of Education meeting, supporting traditional values, ends up quoted in Salt Lake Tribune. 1/13/2012

Salt Lake City named the "gayest" city in America. Read the SL Tribune article. 1/11/12

All-American Archie comic book has gay characters get "married." Read the WND article. 1/8/2011

Catholic studend bullied by pro-homosexual teacher for traditional religious beliefs. Read the WND article. 1/4/2012

Homosexuality not innate or immutable. Read the Dr. Neal Whitehead summary of over 10k scientific papers. 12/29/2011

Utah Supreme Court rules unborn children qualify as minors. Read the Deseret News article. 12/22/2011

American Fork City postpones vote on anti-discrimination laws. Read the Daily Herald article. 12/18/2011

Institutionalized Sex for Kids! Glenn Beck reports on Swiss kindergartners getting "sex-box" with genital toys and graphic nudity along with encouragement to touch each other and themselves. Read the Blaze article. Read the LifeSiteNews article. Read the PJ Media article, including pictures of the box contents. 12/7/2011

Gay groups boycott the Salvation Army kettle drive. Read the Pacific Justice article. Read the MSNBC article. 12/3/2011

Christian baker being boycotted by gays for not making cake for lesbian couple. But business is up, not down. Read the Blaze article. Read the article. 11/22/2011

Homosexual pedophiles make up nearly 90% of child sex criminals. Read the Renew America article. 11/16/2011

Adolescents engage in risky behavior. See the CDC slides. 11/16/2011

Girl Scouts taught how to be "hot" at 2010 no-adults-welcome meeting sponsored by the UN, Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts. Read the WND article. Read the "Healthy, Happy, and Hot" brochure passed out at the meeting. 11/15/2011

Illinois Catholic Foster Care Charities forced out of business by state law in favor of gays, even though law has protections for religious organizations. Read the Thomas More article. 11/15/2011

77 Non-religious reasons to support man-woman marriage. Read the Ruth Institute pamphet. 11/11/11

Girls Scouts accept a boy who dresses like a girl. Read the Blaze article. Watch the Fox News video. 11/3/2011

NYC schools to teach graphic sex, starting at age 11.Students required to attend. Read/watch the Fox News report. Read the Washington Post article. Go to the Ask Alice sex info site. 10/27/2011

Is there a trend in some LDS wards and stakes to embrace homosexuality as normal? Read the Salt Lake Tribune article. We checked out this "gay Mormon's" blog. He's pushing a project for LDS parents to accept homosexuality in their young children, no questions asked. They cannot seem to stay away from children. 8/31/2011

U.S. Census admits inflating same-sex household statistics by 160%. Read the NOM blog post. 10/22/2011

Christian businessman offers discount on oil change if customers recite John 3:16. Others claim discrimination. Read the Blaze article. 9/30/2011

Church attendance falls amoung moderately educated people. Read the Christian Post article. Read the research. 10/22/2011

See what the fed govt is spending on HIV/AIDS research. Read the FAIR Foundation report. 10/3/2011

"Undie Run" brings out thousands who strip down to protest "uptight laws" in Utah. Read the Washington Post Article. See the channel 4 video. 9/29/11

Mexico City to issue marriage licenses that expire after 2 years. To continue the marriage requires the couple to renew the license. Read the ABC News article. 9/30/2011

Resources on homosexual attraction. 9/24/2011

CA couple fined for having Bible study in their home. Read the Blaze article. 9/24/2011

Parents troubled by cross-dressing elementary school employee. Read the PJI article. 9/23/2011

Student punished for Christian belief against homosexuality. Read the Liberty Counsel news release. Read the Fox News article. Teacher suspended for punishing student who disapproved of homosexuality. Read the LifeSite News report. 9/23/2011

Concerned California parents want to protect their children from gay propaganda in school. Read the Save California article. 9/15/2011

Academics call Tea Partiers racist. Read the Washington Times article. 9/6/2011

HHS blocks abstinence education in schools. Calls it "unallowable." Read the Nat. Catholic Register article. 9/14/2011

Gay households increase, says Census. Read the SL Trib article. 9/12/2011

Elmhurst College asks students if they are "gay' on admission form. A "yes" answer gets them a 1/3 reduction in tuition at the "Christian" school. Read the NBC Chicago article. 9/10/2011

Dr. Keith Ablow warns of harm to children if they watch "Chas" Bono on Dancing with the Stars. Read the Fox News article. 9/2/2011

Beware of the book Conversations With God For Teens. Questions from teens are answered by the author, but certainly not God. Read the CANA article. 8/15/2011

America Honors Sin. Our leaders expect and require us to approve of homosexuality, abortion, fornication, moral relativism, etc. Read the disturbing Intellectural Conservative article. 8/8/2011

Rep. Michelle Bachman is being attacked because her husband's clinic helps re-orient clients with unwanted homosexuality. Read the AFTAH article. 7/14/2011

CA Governor Jerry Brown signs bill requiring all public school children be taught unit on LGBT history. First of its kind in U.S. Gay-straight clubs exist in 55% of CA high schools. Read the article. 7/14/2011.

In May, 2011, the Presbyterian Church USA joined the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in allowing the ordination of homosexual clergy.

Sears caught selling pornography, and finally apologizes, removing hundreds of pornographic DVDs from its website. Read the AFA article. 7/17/2011

Home Depot continues to promote gay marriage despite boycott.

JC Penney acknowledges wrong-doing in marketing ploy using little girls in seductive poses in swimsuits.

The AFA Journal reports that "child pornography is the fastest -growing subject on the internet." CBS reports about 1000 children forced into sex slavery annually in U.S.

The AFA Journal reports a kindergarten teacher in Oakland teaches children that there are more than two genders.

Obama administration unilaterally says DOMA was motivated by hostility toward gays and is unconstitutional. Read the AP article. 7/6/2011

Children's Hospital lobby promotes homosexuality in its lobby. Read the Mission America article. 7/5/2011

Obama appoints lesbian to West Point advisory board. Read the Washington Wire article. 7/6/2011

Court says anti-gay families can't be foster parents. Read the Fox NewsRadio article. 7/6/2011

Southern Baptists hit by gay marriavge hoax. Read the FoxNews article. 6/28/2011

U.S. State Department supports U.N. resolution on GLBT. Read the article. 6/17/2011

Survey shows 62% of Americans support man-woman marriage and nothing else. Read the ADF article. 6/16/2011

Mass. school survey asks 7th graders about explicit sex activities. Read the Dr. Bulldog article. Read the FoxNews article. Read the CDC report on the Survey. 6/16/2011

CDC report shows GLBU youth much more at risk for self-destructive behviors than straight youth. Read the WND article. Read the CDC report. 6-23-2011

Gay activists intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them, after insisting for years that tolerance is all they're after. Read the DesNews article. 6/16/2011

Mass school surveys 7th graders on oral sex. Read the Fox story. 6/15/2011

More proof gays are recruiting kids. This site has videos from adults telling kids it's ok to be gay. Videos include those from Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Rev. Mark Hanson, Bishop Gene Robinson, San Francisco Giants, Anne Hathaway, Adam Lambert, The Gap, Google, Facebook, and many more. Read the It Gets Better blog. 6/14/2011

2 illegal LDS leaders deported. Read the Deseret News article. Read the SL Tribune article. 6/14/2011

Mormon Church issues statement on illegal immigrants. Read the Desert News aticle. Read the Church statement on immigration. Read the Church statement on judgment. 6/12/2011

Gay Pride parade in Salt Lake City. Read the overly supportive Deseret News article. See the scandalous pictures in the SL Tribune article. 6/11/2011

Cal. High School cancels message brick fund raiser when Christians want to put faith messages on their bricks. Read the OneNewsNow article. 6/11/2011

Graphic homosexual sex flier given to kids at state-supported "youth pride" event. Read the Mass Resistance article. 6/4/2011

Chick-Fil-A attacked by gay activists. Read the National Review article. 6/4/2011

Texas court again affirms sex is determined at birth, not changed by surgical procedures. Read the ADF article. 5/31/2011

Sundance Film Fest. loaded with nudity and homosexuality, and gets honored by Utah legislature. Read the Sutherland report by Matt Piccolo. 5/31/2011

Gay activist admits they are recruiting children! Read the Queerty article. 5/23/2011

Gov't report says not as many gays as media reports, only 1.4% of the population . Read Michael Medved's USA Today article. (we disagree with Medved saying they deserve respect, but the rest of the article is good) Read the acutal gov't report. 5/25/2011

Parents raise child as "genderless." Won't say whether boy or girl. Read the Record article. 05/24/2011

Another church gives in to homosexual pressure, abandoning God. Presbyterians vote to allow gay clergy. Read the Huffington Post article. Read the OneNewsNow article. 5/11/2011

Graphic sexual images and language used in Lehi Jr. High health class! Boys and girls taught together about both sexes. Look at the handouts from the class. 4/17/2011

Obama tells justice department to stop defending DOMA. Read William Duncan's National Review Online article. 2/25/2011

Gaying the Military is a bad idea. Read Devvy Kidd's News With Views article. 2/23/2011

"Gays" contend they were born that way. See themisguided blog trying to justify that wrong idea. 2/23/2011

Father and Moth/er have bee replaced by Parent One and Parent Two on new U.S. Passports for children, another win for the gay activists. Read the Washington Post article. 2/15/2011

Chisk-fil-A attacked by gay groups for its stand in favor of God-based traditional values. Read the Christian News Wire article. 1/31/2011

Abortion in Cal. One in four pregnancies ends in abortion. Read the Sacramento Bee article. 1/18/2011

Manhattan College, originally a Catholic school, loses religious exemption. NLRB exercises supervision over the school's labor practises. Read the Speak Up article. 1/17/2011

Devvy Kidd's take on the "gaying" of the military. Read the NewsWithViews article. 1/9/2011

Sex for kindergartners! Helena MT school board passes radical sex education curriculum. Read the KRTV report. Read the actual curriculum. See pages 45-50, 54-55 in the curriculum. 10/22/2010

Shocking Facts about the "gay" lifestyle you never hear on the media today. Read the Acute HIV article. 10/16/2010

Is "gay" agenda to blame for suicides? Read Linda Harvey's article.

Is religious non-acceptance of "gays" causing suicides? No! Read the Affirmation article. 10/16/2010

Bookstore denied local advertising for having "Chrstian" in its name. Told it may be "offensive" to some. Read the WND article. 10/16/2010

Church college teaching "proper" etiquette for sex in dorms. Read the WND article. 10/16/2010

Pornography is harmful to children, men, women, teens, families. For good information, see Porn Harms website. 9/28/2010

"The Case for Marriage." This is an excellent article on the historical and cultural basis for marriage, and why same-sex "marriage" doesn't qualify. Read the National Review article. 9/8/2010

Evangelicals can "safely" associate with Glen Beck. Read the OneNewsNow article by pastor Dr. Jim Garlow, of the Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego. 9/2/2010

You won't believe the snide comments. Glenn Beck's reliance on the Spirit of the Lord disrespected by Olbermann, et al. Watch the MSNBC video. 9/1/2010

Parents and youth support sexual abstinence. Read the Citizen Link artricle about the federal gov't report that was suppressed. 8/31/2010

Same-Sex Marriage Judge Finds That a Child Has Neither a Need Nor a Right to a Mother. Read the CNSnews report. For a good information on the need for real parents, read Dr. Dean Byrd's paper on Gender Complementarity. 8/11/2010

Biased judge rules against Prop 8. Read Tim Wildmon's article. 8/20/2010

Unbelievable! Sears sells soft porn posters on its web site. Warning! Graphic images! Read the AFA report. See the Sears poster pages. Send an email to Sears public relations. 8/3/2010

"Gay" pastors now allowed by Evangelical Lutheran Church. Read the One News Now article. 7/25/2010

Sex for kindergartners! Helena MT school board considering radical sex education curriculum. Read the FoxNews report. Read the actual curriculum. See pages 45-50, 54-55 in the curriculum. 7/14/2010

Ty Mansfield, author of Deseret Book's In Quiet Desperation, got married in May 2010. The most famous LDS "gay"man married a woman. Read the Queerty blog post. Read the Affirmation article. 7/10/2010

Jesus' name not allowed in North Carolina Legislature. Read the LifeSiteNews article about the Pastor fired for ending a prayer in the name of Jesus. 7/10/2010

Federal judge in Mass. declares DOMA "gay marriage" ban to be unconstitutional. Read the Fox News article. 7/10/2010

Want an example of the bad that will happen if ENDA passes? Read Peter LaBarbera's AFTAH article about the "gay" pride parade in Delaware. 6/7/2010

Stephen & Janice Graham were guest hosts on K-Talk radio and discussed proposed revision to Utah's sex education statute. Also, they discussed a forthcoming book, Chased by an Elephant: The Gospel Truth About Today's Stampeding Sexuality. Click here to listen to the podcast. 1-23-2010

A 4-year-old boy thinks he's a girl and the parents go along with it! Watch the sad 2-minute Advocate video. 5/16/2010

Planned Parenthood has prepared a booklet aimed at young people with HIV ancouraging them to continue sexual activity. It was distributed to Girl Scouts and a United Nations conference. Read the booklet. Read the WND article. 3/20/2010

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth questions Christians who accept homosexuality. Read the AFT article. 3/17/2010

Census to count self-identified "gay" couples as" married." Read the CNSNews report. 3/17/2010

L.A. college student's class speech called "hateful propaganda" by professor. Read the OneNewsNow report. 3/16/2010

"Gay" and bisexual men have 40-80 times higher incidence of HIV/AIDS than general populatoin. Read the government CDC report. 3/15/2010

Christians forbidden to hold church meetings in private home. Gilbert AZ ordinance allows other group meetings in home, but singles out religious meetings. 7-member church not allowed to meet. Read the WND article. 3/15/2010

Utah Legislature refuses to pass dangerous liberalization of sex education law. The proposed bill was sponsored by Planned Parenthood and the PTA. Read the Deseret News article. 2/27/2010

FRC President Tony Perkins was dis-invited from a prayer luncheon speach at Andrews Airforce Base after speaking out against homosexuality. Read the Washington Times article. Read the American Family Association blog post by Bryan Fischer. 2/27/2010

Brit Hume Testitfies of Christ and Christianity on Fox News. Click here to see the original comment. Click here to see his elaboration on The O'Reilly Factor. 1/7/2010

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert had several TV appearances cancelled after a homosexual exhibition during a performance on the AMA broadcast. Read the LA Times article. 12/4/2009

United Nations report says children are the cause of climate change. Read the Mercatornet article. 11/25/2009

Phony "expert" claims lesbians make better parents. Read the article. 11/25/2009

British citizens are losing religious freedoms. Watch the CBN 5-minute video. 11/20/2009

Homosexualist intimidate Catholic parish to cancel series about homosexuality. Read the article. 11/20/2009

Liberty Journal blog has good short patriotic videos. We recommend "A Republic," "Cartoon from the Past," and "Thomas Paine." Click here to watch the videos. 11/3/2009

SoL's Stephen Graham attended a town hall meeting in Murray Utah about a proposal to expand Utah's sex education law. Click here to see Graham on channel 4's coverage. 8/27/2009

Early teen homosexuality is encouraged in a new propaganda piece. Read the New York Times article. 10/2/2009

Public support for "gay marriage" has dropped. Maggie Gallagher suggests that Carrie Prejean has has been part of the reason for the decline. Read the Coalition for Marriage & the Family article. 9/26/2009

1 Million + people rally in DC on 912. Watch the YouTube video. 9/27/2009

Parents in CA are suing their school District over mandatory gay-affirming classes for k-5 students. Read the Fox News article. 9/27/2009

Gay/Bi men are 50 times more likely to have HIV. Read the Washington Blade article. Warning! This is found on a gay website, but it is worth reading. You will also learn of the Obama administration's efforts in acceptance of the gay lifestyle.

Senator Ted Kennedy was a major factor in the defeat of the pro-marriage amendment in Mass. He was for homosexual rights, gay "marriage" and for abortion. This is the man for whom churches and others lowered their flag to half staff. Read the Mass Resistance article. 9/2/2009

A new U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-year-olds. Read the FoxNews report. 8/27/2009

Homosexual activists held a 2nd "kiss-in" at the LDS Church headquarters July 19. Read the SL Tribune article. 7/20/2009

Stephen Graham was interviewed by Fox13's Katy Carlyle about Gov. Huntsman's appointment as ambassador to China, and what it would mean to the "gay" agenda in Utah. Watch the Fox 13 news segment. 5/17/2009.

Sad day for America. President Obama issues proclamation making June 2009 national GLBT pride month. Read the proclamation here. You can send an email to the President by clicking here. 6/1/2009

SoL defends God, Religion, Freedom, and Family. Now PBS is attacking the first three. PBS is considering revoking the affiliation of television stations who broadcast religious programs. That means KBYU and other stations owned by religious organizations could lose their affiliations. Read the News Busters article. Read the Deseret News article. Read the Washington Post article. 5/21/2009

Stephen Graham was interviewed by KSL-TV's John Daley about comments supporting traditional values and decrying homosexual practise and activism. See the KSL feature. (Graham is on at about the 5 minute mark). 2/20/2009

Janene Garofalo calls tea party attendees racists with mental illness. Watch the YouTube video. 4/21/2009

Peter LaBarbera exposes media deference for gay agenda. Read the AFTAH article. 4/21/2009

Miss California loses Miss USA crown for speaking her religious beliefs that marriage is only between man and woman. Read the Citizen Link article. 4/21/2009

Doctor touts adult stem cell research on Oprah. Watch the report. 4/7/2009

UK parents urged to avoid morality when teaching kids about sex. Read the Timesonline article. 3/9/2009

Mark Kastleman has written an excellent article about teaching kids about sex with God as the basis. Read the article. 3/9/2009

Unbelievable. British National Health Service article says homosexuality is normal and healthy. Read item #11 on the article. 3/9/2009

Free Speech Victory. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 today in favor of Pleasant Grove, Utah's right to display the Ten Commandments and exclude other monuments. Read the Christian Science Monitor report. 2/25/2009.

SoL's Stephen Graham was interviewed on by Katy Carlyle on Salt Lake's Fox13 news following the protest rally and march against the LDS Church involvment in CA Proposition 8. Click here to see the Fox13 news report by Katy Carlyle. Click here to see the entire Stephen Graham interview. 11/8/2008

Pres. Obama has U.S. in support of U.N. effort to defend homosexuality. Read the report on pro-gay website. 2/22/2009

Unbelievable . . . United Nations official says family breakdown is "triumph" for "human rights." Read the WCF article. 2/5/2009

Minister explains the difference between sexual activity and love. Read Reverend Perryman's article. 12/21/2008

An 11-year-old student in Hattiesburg, Mississippi wrote an assigned poem about Christmas but received a deduction for using the name of Jesus in the poem. Read the ADF news release. 12/18/1008

UK teen girl banned from wearing chastity ring at school. Read the Daily Mail article. 12/6/2008

Moscow mayor tells the truth, links homosexual behavior to AIDS, prohibits spread of their views. Read the Reuters report. 12/5/2008

Washington DC Metro allows anti-God ads on 200 buses at Christmas season. Read the MyFoxDC article. 12/3/2008

Anti-God sign posted next to Nativity Scene at Washington state capitol. Read the Seattle Times article. Call Governor Gregoire to complain: 360-902-4111. 12/3/2008

LDS Church, attacked for supporting Prop 8, defended by editorials and religious leaders. Read the National Reveiw editorial. Also read Rabbi Schiffrin's article. 11/28/2008

Newt Gingrich denounced "gay and secular fascism on O'Reilly Factor. Read the NewsMax article. 11/14/2008.

Homosexual rioters attack old lady in Palm Springs, shouting and stomping on her cross. Watch the unbelievable KPSP TV video. 11/10/2008

SoL's Stephen Graham was interviewed on by Katy Carlyle on Salt Lake's Fox13 news following the Affirmatin press conference mentioned in the news link below. Click here to see the Fox13 news report by Katy Carlyle. Click here to see the entire Stephen Graham interview. 8/16/2008

"Gay" talk show host opposes "gay marriage." Read the Newsmax article. 10/27/2008

Good news! McDonald's agrees to stop supporting activist homosexual movement. Read the WND report. 10/25/2008

Yes on 8 sends letter to CA state board of ed about lies in 'NO' ad. Read the article. 10/22/2008

School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergarteners. Parents not notified. Read the WND article. 10/22/2008

CA teachers union gives $1M to defeat prop 8. Watch the Sacramento News10 feature. 19/29/2008

Unbelievable . . . UK police instructed not to interfere with public gay sex. Read the article. 10/20/2008

Mass. parents have no say in their children's education. U.S. Supreme Court rejects Parker appeal. Read the MassResistance article. 10/11/2008

What will your children be taught in school if "gay marriage" becomes law? Watch the FRC video. 10/11/2008

Bride and Groom to be restored to CA marriage licenses. Read the ADF article. 10/11/2008

Good ads for Prop 8 in CA. Watch the YesOn8 videos. 10/11/2008

First Graders Taken to SF City Hall for Gay Marriage. Read the article about how children are indoctrinated in schools. 10/11/2008

Good resources for information on how to learn about and help pass California Proposition 8. Click here. 10/11/2008

Gay day at Disneyland? Read the sorry details in the Advocate article. 10/11/2008

Want the truth about "gay marriage?" Read Joe Kort's blog in Psychology Today. 10/11/2008

Proof of negative effects of the movement against traditional marriage. Calfornia Newlyweds File Suit Seeking Recognition as "Bride" and "Groom," Not "Party A" and "Party B." Read the PJI news release. 10/4/2008

Senior Episcopal Bishops in California came out in favor of so-called same-sex marriage on Sept. 10. Read Albert Mohler's blog about the unbelievable statement which completely ignores scriptural prohibitions of homosexuality. 9/18/2008

What happens if California Proposition 8 fails? Read Glen Greener's article in Meridian Magazine. 9/18/2008

BYU law professor Lynn Wardle gave a great talk on defending traditional marriage at Campus Education Week. He also said we all must actively take a stand, regardless of the name-calling and intimidation we will suffer. Read the Deseret News article. 8/24/2008

Homosexuality is harmful to the health of people involved in it. The Gay & Lesbian Health Association lists the top 10 medical concerns. Click here for the top 10 concerns for men. Click here for the top 10 concerns for women. 8/19/2008

National media encourage youth to choose homosexuality. Read the Washington Post article sympathetic to a 15-year-old, and blaming local authorities for not supporting him. 8/19/2008

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has recently published a document on its website. Entitled "The Divine Institution of Marriage," it lays out the Church's position on marriage in conjuction with its support of the California marrriage amendment movement. Read the document on the Church's website. 8/19/2008

Affirmation, an apostate group pushing LDS Church acceptance of homosexuality and so-called "gay marriage" in the temple, is holding a press conference Aug. 11 to complain about cancellation of a meeting with LDS Family Services reps. Read the Deseret News article. Also read Affirmations article about what they want the Church to do. Here is an excerpt from the Affirmation article: "Will the Church someday accept gay men and women in full fellowship? Absolutely — one day. We are children of loving Heavenly Parents who have blessed us with the amazing gift of being gay and we will have our place in the kingdom." 8/9/2008

The word is spreading about what Planned Parenthood is really up to. Take a look at what they are promoting to our youth. 8/2/2008

SoL exercises first amendment right of free speech at American Fork Library after high school principal cancels after-hours PTA meeting. See the TV coverage. Read articles from the Deseret News, Daily Herald and Salt Lake Tribune. 4/1/2008

Watch this 1961 police video about homosexuality and compare society's attitude then and now. Thanks to Nedd Kareiva of for telling us about it. Religious liberty loses when homosexual agenda becomes law. Read the CitizenLink article. 7/30/2008

Lesbian experimentation encouraged in YouTube music video. Watch the YouTube video. 7/24/2008

Homsexual activists infiltrate South Carolina government. Read the OneNewsNow article. 7/20/2008

Good News! Census Bureau respects marriage by only counting opposite-sex couples as married. Same-sex couples will be counted as "unmarried partners." Read the CitizenLink article. 7/15/2008

18 Teenage girls pregnant in Massachusetts high school. Read the Time Magazine article. Watch the Fox News video. 6/23/3008

LDS Church Officials Urge California Members to Support Marriage Amendment. Read the Deseret News article. 6/23/2008

California Supreme Court overturns the will of the people. Says so-called same-sex marriage is ok in Cal. Read the ADF collection of coverage. 6/15/2008

9th Circuit Chief Judge has pornography on his website. Read the L.A. Times article about the man who is presiding over a pornography case. 6/11/2008

Students in KY school district forbidden to say they think homosexuality is wrong. Can be expelled for speaking their beliefs. Read the WND article. 5/1/2008

Canadian religious group fined for firing homosexual employee. Fine assessed by government agency after the group enforced an agreement to abstain from sexual immortality. Read the AFA article. 5/2/2008

Ben Stein's movie "Expelled" takes 5th place in per-theater revenue in its first weekend. We recommend that everyone go see it. Read the CL article. 4/21/2008

Family Watch International has an excellent paper on the use of junk science to support same-sex parenting. Read the article here. 4/11/2008

Utah alternative paper goes after SoL and PTA. As ususal, facts are misrepresented. Read the Hits and Misses blurb. Read the blog article. 4/6/2008

McDonald's CEO Announces the fast-food giant will put its resources behind gay and lesbian businesses. Read the shocking AFA article. 4/8/2008

Cal. appeals court rules that parents have no right to home school their children. Read the APA article. 3/24/2008

Colorado school allows sexually confused 8-year-old boy to attend dressed and treated as a girl. Read the WND article. 3/24/2008

Rhode Island Supreme Court refuses to give divorce to gay couple married in Mass. Read the BP article. 3/24/2008

Dr. John Diggs writes about the health risks of homosexual sex. Read the CERC article. 3/24/2008

The International Journal of Epidemiology reports the life expectancy of men involved in homosexuality is up to 20 years shorter than the general population. Read the IJE article. 3/24/2008

Read Dr. A. Dean Byrd's recent NARTH article on changes in the American Psychological Association's (APA) position on homosexuality. 3/24/2008

Leader of national "gay" group admits HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease. Read the CWFA news release. Listen to the 20-minute CWFA podcast.

2/16/2008You will be shocked about what you see on a terrible website that is encouraging sex among teens. You can inform yourself about what is being pushed in our society by going to The Midwest Teen Sex Show. Warning! The videos and other information on the site are inappropriate for non-adults. 2/11/2008

An 8-year old boy is allowed to attend school as a girl. Special restrooms are being made for this mixed-up kid. Read the WND story about political correctness gone crazy. 2/12/2008

You should know that "No Name-calling Week" is scheduled for Jan. 21-25, 2008. Dreamed up by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), this is an “anti-bullying” push, which sounds fine, until you learn that it includes approving of homosexuality as a “cure” for school bullying! We urge you to call your school and learn if they are allowing this sneaky indoctrination. Tell them what you think about such manipulation and endorsement of high-risk behavior. And that you expect them to not allow, or cancel, its observance. Read the 2005 NARTH article. 12/29/2007

Gender Confusion accomodated at a Maine elementary school. Local man protests a boy being allowed to use the girls' restroom. Read the World Net Daily article. 12/19/2007

Michael Farris dispels myths about our nation's founding fathers. Listen to the CWFA audio report. 11/28/2007

Christmas is under fire again. Bob Knight explains. Listen to the CWFA audio report. 11/28/2007

David Barton talks about religious freedom. Listen to the CWFA audio report. 11/28/2007

Thanksgiving called a "time of mourning" by Seattle school district. Read the WND article. 11/28/2007

Donor transmits AIDS to four in Chicago. Donated organ pool at risk. Read the NY Times article. Read the Chicago Tribune article. Read the Associated Press article. 11/13/2007.

'Transgender' Bus Driver /Restroom Case Tossed By Federal Court. Read the TVC article about Traditional values and common sense being upheld in court. 11/13/2007

China bans the Bible at 2008 Olympics! Athletes not allowed to bring Bible with them to Beijing. Read the CNA story. 11/07/2007

PFOX responds to Maryland Montgomery County Commission's move to pass bill forbidding discrimination based on "gender identity." Read Regina Grigg's letter. 11/7/2007

7th Circuit rules in favor of free religious speech. Read the WND article about the appeals court ruling against a school that implemented a policy forbidding students to speak their religious beliefs against homosexuality. 11/2/2007

People ask us at SoL why we focus on homosexuality so much. Read our SoL Voice #13. We also found an article by J. Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America which answers this question beautifully. Also, read the AFT article about our right to stand against homosexual activism. 10/31/2007

We recently saw Star Parker speak in Washington DC. She was great! Read her excellent article about Barak Obama and intolerance by the homosexual activist movement. 10/31/2007

Good News! CA Middle School reverses course, cancels cross-dressing day. Read the Pacific Justice Institute news release. 10/30/2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed two radical pro-homosexuality school bills — very bad news for California, and the nation. Read the Americans for Truth article. 10/18/2007

Michael Glatze, former leader in the homosexual movement, was interviewed by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH , about how he left that lifestyle. Click here to read the interview. 10/17/2007

Dr. Neil Whitehead has produced a slide show that shows "gays" and "lesbians" are not born that way. It goes along with his lecture, but you can follow it well enough by just viewing the slides. Click here to see the slide show. See Dr. Whitehead's web site here. 9/24/2007.

Check out Choice 4 Truth, a project of Mission America. We recommend you sign up for their highly informative quarterly newsletter. 9/16/07

We like the article by Bob Lonsberry on the proper role of Christianity. Click here to read the article on Bob's website. 9/14/2007

Stephen Graham was guest host again on The Unspoken Word radio program, hosted by Steven Rinehart on K-Talk. Listen to the program, and see Steven Rinehart's website for more information. 8/25/2007

Abraham Lincoln gave the Cooper Union Address in 1860 challenging the Southern States' inappropriate justification of slavery. Change a few words and you find an amazing parallel to the activist homosexual movement's arugments for acceptance of homosexuality. Click here to read an excerpt from that speech. 8/25/2997

Read this good article by David J. Stoddard about the response he received to his article about so-called "Gay Marriage." 9/4/2007

Stephen Graham was guest on The Unspoken Word radio program, hosted by Steven Rinehart on K-Talk. Listen to the program, and see Steven Rinehart's website for more information. 8/11/2007

Read Dave Daubenmire's stirring article on why and how to get personally involved in defending our traditional, Godly values. From NewsWithViews.

8/11/2007 Patrick Henry's famous speech, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" is inspiring. Click here to listen to a 9-minute dramatic reading from 8/3/2007

Daily Herald Shows Contempt for Traditional Values. The Provo Daily Herald called and asked for a statement from us here at SoL, regarding a country singer who posed for this month's issue of Playgirl magazine and performed July 24 at the family-oreiented SCERA outdoor theater. They then wrote an editorial denigrating our stand for traditional values. We asked them to publish an op-ed from us. After a series emails, they won't publish our op-ed unless we rewrite it and abandon our central points. Click here to read the whole story. 7/22/2007

Who could've imagined this? Immigration of homosexual partners. Don't be fooled--it's not about immigration or love or family. It's about getting homosexuality, etc. publicly legitimized. See the O'Reilly Factor segment. Read the sympathetic L.A. Times article. 7/22/2007

Dr. A. Dean Byrd has written a review exposing the homosexual activism in Carol Lynn Pearson's new book, in which she opposes LDS church doctrine. Read his important review of No More Goodbyes on the FairLDS website. 7/19/2007

Michael Glatze, well-known former leader in homosexual activism, has abandoned homosexuality. Read his WND article and Dr. Warren Throckmorton's report of his interview with Glatze. 7/10/2007

Violent lesbian and gay gangs recruit youth, attack, rape and terrorize. Watch the 3-minute O'Reilly Factor video segment and read the AFT article. 6/25/2007

A Report falsely showing that homosexual adoption is as effective as married-couple adoption was released in 2006. Read The Pearcy Report and the WND article that expose the homosexual activist who authored the report and the homosexual organizations who funded it. 7/10/2007

Gay Straight Alliance Network News promotes sex-toy workshop for youth. Read the awful truth as reported by Calif. Catholic Daily. 6/25/2007

California passed SB71 in 2004. This terrible law dictates the teaching of gender issues and sexual orientation, and does not allow parents to take their kids out of class for that indoctrination. Read the fact sheet produced by the GSAnetwork. Also, the fact sheet for AB537 prohibits discrimination by gender identity. Read the first paragraph. You may want to call your local CA legislator and talk to them. 7/10/2007

Presidential candidate John Edwards' wife Elizabeth supports so-called gay marriage in San Francisco speech. Read the ONN article. 7/10/2007

Promiscuous sex and drug use encouraged to Boulder High School students in a mandatory assembly. Click here to view a 5-minute segment from the Bill O'Reilly TV show. This is the sexual agenda for kids EXPOSED. 5/25/2007

"Gender-neutral" restrooms to be installed in Salt Lake Community College. Read the Globe article transcribed by Cory Seegmiller. 5/24/2007 ABC's Diane Sawyer trashes reparative therapy on "Good Morning America." Uses the story of one unsuccessful woman as support. Click here to read. 5/10/2007

Read an article, "Campaign Targets ‘Religion-Based Bigotry Against Gay People’" from about a homosexual advocacy group launching a "Call to Courage" tour to "educate Americans about the misuse of religious teachings to discriminate and isolate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people." 5/9/2007

National PTA includes ad by pro-gay group in its "Our Children" magazine. Bountiful High PTA writes letter of protest. Click here to read the Deseret News article. 5/3/2007

A disturbing video, "It's Elementary," shows pro-homosexual teachers and administrators how to indoctrinate elementary school children to accept homosexuality. Click here to see clips from the video. Click here to read the AFT article. 5/3/2007

Chicago gay street fair sponsored by the Howard Brown Health Center, distributes unbelievably graphic flier teaching teenage boys how to engage in homosexual perversions. Click here to read the Americans For Truth article. 5/3/2007

Disney expands its Fairy Tale Weddings to include homosexual couples, even though "gay marriage" is illegal. Read the Reuters article. To contact the Walt Disney Company and share your feelings on this issue, click here. 5/3/2007.

Polish leaders bravely speak out against acceptance of homosexuality.
Click here to read the Breitbart report. Then the European Union condemns Polish leaders for their stand. Read the EU document. 5/1/2007

Read an article by K.B. Napier
about the lack of substance in homosexuality. And read more than a dozen other articles by Napier by clicking here. 3/31/2007

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has come under fire from homosexual activist groups and the national media for saying that homosexual acts are immoral.. He's also receiving support from conservative groups. Click here to read about it and learn what you can do to offer support. 3/17/2007

Good news! Stephen Graham was on the Steven Rinehart "Unspoken Word" radio show. Steven is a great guy and it was a wonderful chance to get the truth on the air. Click here to listen to the radio program. 3/10/2007

KSL-TV interviewed Stephen Graham about a bill proposing changes to Utah's education statute. The Governor subsequently signed the bill into law. Click here to see the TV report. 3/8/2007

Read the excellent article by Kevin McCullough on about repentance and redemption, called "Why Christians Embrace 'Gay' Porn Stars. 3/11/200 reports that a Cal. school which had taken "God" out a parents' yearbook add to their son has agreed to allow it after all. Read the article here. 3/7/2007

APA report says young girls are being sexualized by our culture. One of their sources of information is SIECUS, a GLBT and anything-goes sex advocacy group. Read what their Sexuality Education Guidelines want to teach your children, starting in kindergarten. Read their homosexual propaganda in a "families are talking" newsletter. 2/22/2007

Theo Hobson discusses the credibility loss as churches embrace homosexuality. 2/19/2007

Why sexuality is so important to the church. Read the article in Albert Mohler's blog. 2/18/2007

Maine school teaches 'transgenderism.' Read the OneNewsNow article. 2/18/2007

The homosexual activist group Soulforce Equality Ride is making another annual U. S. tour and heading to BYU and BYU Idaho, but, unlike last year's visit, this year they will be denied access to the campus. Read more.

2/6/2007 Sundance Film Festival featured a film promoting religious acceptance of homosexuality. It was listed in a news article entitled "Sundance Films Fit for Families." Click here to read the description of "For The Bible Tells Me So." 2/4/2007

Read Andrew Vachss' article on how our language is being subtly changed. 1/29/2007

Excellent article by Gregory Koukl on Tolerance and Intolerance. Read it in Townhall. 1/29/2007

Improprieties Alleged in Maine Gay Youth Organization. Read the Morning Star newspaper article. 1/25/2007

Read the LifeSiteNews article about the new homosexual discrimination law in Great Britain. 1/24/2007

The National Education Association, the union to which 90+% of America's teachers belong, is determined to indoctrinate teachers and students to embrace homosexuality and the like. Read the NEA GLBT website page (the statistics are "engineered" to make their point). Read the 36-page NEA GLBT Guide, which, among other things, vilifies "heterosexism" as the belief that heterosexual relationships are preferred as natural and normal. Take a look at the NEA's SafeZone poster, decrying heterosexism, etc. 1/2/2006

Read an excellent talk by Dr. Victor Cline, "Treatment and Healing from Pornographic and Sexual Addictions." From the 2000 Families Under Fire Conference. 1/2/2007.

Don't miss this wonderful speech, "The Very Root of Christian Doctrine," by Thomas B. Griffith.Click here 12/15/2006

A great essay from the Howard Center publication "The Family in America." The Limitless Possibility of Limits: How Boundaries Safeguard Freedom and Family. 12/15/2006

Reality triumphs over insanity. Read about New York's birth certificate debacle. 12/15/06.

Scotland NHS forbids nurses' use of "mum" and "dad". Read the article. 12/15/2006

Read Albert Mohler's comments about moral relativism and Mary Cheney. 12/13/2006 Gay 'Marriage' in Israel: Worse than Holocaust - Will Cause Terrorism Warns Rabbi Levin. read the LifeSite article. 11/21/2006

Break free of sexual sin.
We found a wonderful Christ-based web site called where people can anonymously confess adultery, porn addiction, homosexuality, etc. – the first step in overcoming. Click on their resources button and you can view a great 30 min. talk by recovered sex addict Craig Groeschel called “Pornography and Lust” about how people get hooked and how they can repent and be healed. 10/31/2006

Homosexuals are 12 times more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children.
Homosexuals (vastly outnumbered by heterosexuals) are responsible for one third of all reported child sex offenses. Family Research Council makes this unpopular connection in this enlightening study you won’t hear in the prestige media. Read the report. 10/31/2006

Listen to a segment of the Michael Medved radio show
where he interviews twice-married, father, and now gay former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey about his new gay-affirming book. We noted with dismay McGreevey’s repeated references urging “young kids” and “children” to be honest and “find and own their personal truth,” by coming out as gay, a great example of the Gay Elite insidiously sexualizing, targeting, and indoctrinating youth. He said his repression of his lifelong gayness caused pain for his loved ones, meaning, we suppose, his ex-wives and children. Reality check: if he hadn’t “repressed his gayness” he wouldn’t have any loved ones on which to inflict this pain. Click here to listen and choose show #108.10/28/2006

"Homophobia is a slogan of intimidation."
Read the Catholic Church's strong stance against homosexuality in the Priesthood dating from 810 A.D. 10/20/2006

Concerned about the Foley fiasco
? Read the World Net Daily column "The Truth About Gay Pedophilia." 10/10/2006

Maryland school sued
for not letting 7th grade girl read the Bible at lunch. Read the CNS article. Then read the WND article about Islam being taught in Oregon schools. 10/10/2006

Episcopal Diocese may quit performing marriages. Read the Boston Globe article. 10/9/2006

A new document entitled "Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles," from the Witherspoon Institute, is now available online. Read the Weekly Standard article "Beyond Gay Marriage," then read the Witherspoon document. 9/14/06

A Massachusetts government agency has named a "married" homosexual couple "Parents of the Year". From Mass Resistance. 8/10/2006 Read Maggie Gallagher's column, "The Trouble With Men." It echoes Janice's Voice column, "Arming Prince Charming." 8/9/2006

Read about Canadian activists trying have the government shut down pro-family and traditional values websites. 7/31/2006

Sheldon Kinsel, of United Families International, wrote an excellent op-ed piece on flaws in same-sex marriage arguments. Read it in the Tribune. 6/20/06.

Read a letter to the editor printed in the Daily Herald. More and more right-thinking people are beginning to pay attention and speak out. 6/18/06

SLF interviewed on KSRR. Hear the 28-minute podcast. 6/16/2006

Read the NEA's resolution on "Diversity." See B-8. Includes sexual orientation, gender identity, civil unions. 6/16/2006

David Parker's 7-year-old son attacked at Massachusetts elementary school. Read the LifeSite article. 6/16/2006

D.C. official fired for expressing religious beliefs. Click here to read the FRC article. 6/16/2006

Read a Guest Opinion piece on The DaVinci Code by Camille Turpin. 6/13/2006

SLF's effort to get the Lone Peak High student newspaper to stop publishing illegal articles was covered by Agape Press on June 6, 2006. Read SLF's Op-ed response, "Teen's articles on sex disease unfit to print" printed in the Daily Herald, June 5, 2005. We answer the editorial from last week.Provo Daily Herald Editorial attacks SLF position defending student and parental rights, and demanding adherence to state law in public schools. Read the editorial. Read the details below. 5/28/2006

Front Page News! SLF Charges Utah high school newspaper with breaking state law. Read the SLF news release, front pageProvo Daily Herald and Deseret Morning News articles. Read the November opinion piece, the May article and the May opinion piece. 5/25/2006

Universities holding separate graduation ceremonies for Homosexuals. Read the article from Agape Press. 5/25/2006

Read two important articles by Janice Clouse, of CWA, whom we met in L.A. recently. “How to Talk to Your Child About Sex: The Sex Pyramid” and “Another Hit at Abstinence.” 5/16/2006

NEW! Maggie Gallagher’s excellent May 15, 2006 report, “Banned in Boston, The Coming Conflict Between Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty,” in which 10 top scholars from both sides predict that sexual liberty is bound to subvert freedom of religion.Click here to read the National Review article. Email you Senators at to let them know you care about this issue. 5/16/2006

You won't believe what's happenning in Massachusetts with Mitt Romney's Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth. Click here to read Article 8's report. 5/12/06

Check this outstanding website,, with its spring 2006 newsletter "Good News from the Front Lines of the Culture War." 4/22/2006

Shocking reality check on the moral state of our high schools by Albert Mohler. Read his commentary. Listen to his radio show. 4/15/2006

Change from homosexuality possible. Listen to Albert Mohler on his radio program. See our Get Informed page. 4/5/2006

Interesting article about a hard won battle by a Traditional Values Club at a Michigan high school. 4/3/2006

Catholic charities of Boston and San Francisco refuse to participate in gay adoptions. Read the Boston Globe Article about Boston. Read the Catholic News and Family Research Council articles about San Francisco. 3/25/2006

Want to see the flipside of Brokeback Mountain? Everyone should read this powerful article by Ronald G. Lee exposing the truth about homosexuality. We've added it to our Get Informed page. 3/24/2006

Listen to a podcast chat with Steve and Janice of SLF.

School decides to cancel diversity day
rather than
include viewpoint of Christians and former homosexuals. Read Liberty Counsel's article.3/20/06

Unbelievable what is happening in our nation's oldest universities.
Read the article by Agape Press. 3/9/2006.

The Salt Lake Tribune published an SLF editorial on Sunday, February 26, 2006. Read the op-ed piece here on our website, or read it from the Tribune.

SLF op-ed article published by Provo Daily Herald.
Gay-straight alliance clubs not allowed under anticipated new Utah law. Read the SLF op-ed piece here on our website, or Read it from the Feb. 22, 2006 Provo Daily Herald.

Hear two excellent Albert Mohler programs. "The Cuddle-Puddle at American High Schools" and "Can Homosexuals Change?"

SLF on Salt Lake City radio station KUTR, AM 820. Janice and Drew Graham were interviewed about our book, My Darling from the Lions, on the Dr. Liz Hale show Friday, Jan. 27, at 10:00 a.m. Hear the podcast of the show. 33 minutes. 1/27/2006.

Listen to KSL's Doug Wright, 1/12/06, show on which our friend Ken Cromar challenges Doug's support of pro-homosexual movie "Brokeback Mountain." 32 min. Read Ken's research document on the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. 1/19/2006

Steve Graham visits Utah state legislature. Read about it on our "What We're Up To" page. 1/18/2006

Pro"gay" club propaganda on KSL radio. The Doug Wright Show, 12/15/05, was slanted toward acceptance of GSAs in Utah schools, despite a call from Dr. Richard Wilkins. Listen to the 36-minute show. 12/31/2005

"Brokeback Mountain," the movie celebrating "gay" cowboys,
received unexpected positive reviews from Doug Wright on KSL Radio's Movie Show and Jeff Vice at the Deseret Morning News. To read and hear the reviews, click here. 12/31/2005

Homosexual advocacy in Lone Peak High School newspaper.
This hits home. Our daughter Elise was assigned by her Journalism class teacher to write the "con" side of two opinion pieces on the issue of GSA clubs in schools. The person who wrote the "pro" piece wrote a homosexual advocacy propaganda piece, which is against our state law. Read both articles. 11/30/2005

Learn about Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and how to prevent them. We have prepared 3 files of useful information regarding the homosexual activist movement's plans to indoctrinate our youth. Homosexual agenda handouts presented to Provo School Board (Word, WordPerfect, pdf). Legal Liability of schools (pdf only). Narth Homosexual Advocacy Groups & Your School (pdf only). Print and use any materials you find helpful. 11/5/2005

Good news. "The Book of Daniel" has been cancelled by NBC. Nearly 700,000 emails complaining about the irreligious show were sent by concerned viewers. Read the story by WorldNetDaily. 1/24/2006

New! Check out our Get Informed page for an amazing list of resources and brief descriptions.
Education at a glance for busy people! 1/12/2006

Don't be fooled. "The Book of Daniel," the new NBC TV show is clever culture-changing propaganda. Read news, reviews and our response. 1/9/2006

Megaplex Theater refuses to show Brokeback Mountain, makes national news. Read the article. Read the Deseret Morning News article. "Gay" groups are boycotting. Read the article. Click here to send a message of support to Larry H. Miller, owner of the Megaplex. 1/9/2006

Hear Dr. Albert Mohler's radio program about "The Gospel According to Oprah." An expose of the anti-God agenda being taught on her show. 35 minutes. 1/7/2006

Amazing News about the Ten Commandments. Liberty Counsel reports that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has that a display of the Ten Commandments together with other historical documents in Mercer County, Kentucky, is constitutional. Read the article by Libety Counsel then the entire opinion of the court (pay close attention to pages 13-14 in the opinion). The court rejected the ACLU's "repeated reference to 'the separation of church and state.' This extra-constitutional construct has grown tiresome. The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state." 12/22/2005

Court Affirms Marriage Benefits in California. A California Court handed down a ruling that a city cannot recognize same sex marriages by granting benefits to employees who enter such unions. This was in response to a lawsuit filed against the mayor and city council of San Jose which passed Resolution 72559 which gave employee benefits to persons in same sex marriages. In her order, Judge Mary Jo Levinger wrote that the Council’s granting of the benefits was preempted by law which exclusively recognizes marriages between a man and a woman. Read the report by the Pacific Justice Institute. Salt Lake City's Mayor Rocky Anderson recently tried the same thing. This should be seen by the Utah courts and legislature as a precedent for sending a message to Mayor Anderson that he can't disregard the recent amendment to the Utah Constitution. 12/22/2005

Blatant "gay" club advocacy in Deseret Morning News. An Editorial entitled "Gay-straight clubs issue is already settled" was printed in the Dec. 20., 2005 issue. This editorial is an example of the clever way the "gay" activist movement is indoctrinating and conditioning the public. Read the editorial and our comments. 12/21/2005

GOOD NEWS. The Alliance Defense Fund reports that a New Hampshire legislative commission has determined that marriage "across essentially all societies and history has been defined as the union of a man and a woman," and that "marriage models both natural human sexuality and reproduction that commits to the health, safety, and welfare of both the individual and the community." The commission also confirms that same-sex "marriage" is not a civil rights issue. Read about it by clicking here. 12/6/2005

Foundation representatives addressed the Provo Utah City School
Tuesday Nov 8 opposing a homosexually oriented club at Provo High School. Hear radio coverage featuring Stephen Graham. Read the news release. Watch news coverage of SLF going after the GSA (on the top of the TV web page type "Provo High" in the search box, click search, then click on the report). Read the text of KSL TV coverage interviewing Stephen Graham. Read newspaper articles with quotes from Stephen Graham in the Provo Daily Herald before and after the meeting and the Deseret News after the meeting. 11/9/2005

A Judge in Oregon has upheld a ban on homosexual marriages adopted last year. Homosexual activists were hoping to have it overturned. From ABC News. 11/4/2005

"Gay" recruitment of teens. Listen to this excerpt from a weekly radio program by the Family Research Council. It covers the article in Time Magazine about how the activist gay movement is recruiting our youth. 11/5/2005

GOOD NEWS! The dangerous Hate Crimes ammendment was deleted from the Child Protection Act because of the outcry from citizens! But we mustn't let our guard down. Truth Tellers. 11/4/2005

The Ninth Curcuit takes away parents' inherent rights in the education of their children. Agape Press. 11/3/2005

Activists are allowed to break laws while protesting a "Love Won Out" conference in Boston at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church helping people overcome homosexuality. Steve talked with Amy Mann of the Article 8 Alliance. 11/2/2005

Schools face potential liability for allowing GSAs. Citizens for Community Values (CCV), out of Ohio, is working nationally to help local citizens and school disricts turn back efforts to establish Gay Straight Alliance clubs in igh schools. Steve spoke with David Miller of CCV about his school liability paper. 11/1/2005

Convicted Sex offender on KSL radio. Listen to a podcast of a KSL radio show Janice heard Oct. 26 in which a convicted sex offender was given 5 minutes to manipulate the audience and shift responsibility for the crimes of child molesters from themselves to the community! 10/28/2005


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