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March 9, 2014, #79

This column contains two reviews of the same book. The first one is for adults; the second is for teens.

The New World of “Gay Youth”: Unfair to Kids
Book Review by Janice Graham
Maybe He’s Not Gay, Another View on Homosexuality by Linda Harvey

At last! We’ve needed books like Linda Harvey’s for decades, ever since the highly-funded and powerful sexual activist movement started targeting kids through websites, schools, clubs, gay pride centers, entertainment, books, policies, and laws. GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) is the worst. Linda reports, “They encourage kids to ‘come out’ at younger and younger ages [kindergarten on up]. . . without telling [them] about the possible harm . . .”

Here is a slim volume, laid out and expressed in a way unintimidating to teens of all ages, with just enough hard facts and common sense to counteract the dangerous lies GLSEN and many others have been irresponsibly spreading all these years and expose these homosexualists for the predators they are.

This book is for teens. Why? Because they are unwitting pawns getting caught in the unlimited sexuality juggernaut. Think about it. It’s only in the last decade or so that the words “gay youth” became commonplace. Homosexuals used to be thought of only as older people. It was an adult proclivity. Nobody even considered that teenagers, not to mention children, would care or know anything about the formerly unspeakable vice. Now gay youth is practically all we hear about. What has happened is a systematic sexualization of the innocent. Truth be told, gay activists do not really care what direction this early sexualization of human beings takes, as long as it’s early and totally unconnected to God and His rules for chastity and procreation. Linda quotes from a GLSEN manual for school teachers. “A person’s sexual behavior can be different from his or her sexual orientation. For example, some lesbians and gay men may have sex with members of the opposite gender due to desire . . . [or other factors].”

Indeed, gay is becoming passe. It is only a method to more madness. The spotlight is shifting to bisexuality, transgenderism, child-adult sex and more. In other words, what was wrong and harmful is getting even more so, and being modeled and taught to kids of all ages. A society that has lost its moral boundaries is primed to accept one wicked idea after another.

Sex isn’t for kids. Sex is serious and comes with complications. If it is misused somebody gets hurt. Is this sweeping sexualization of children and teens causing them undue stress? You bet it is, as Linda details. “‘You could grow up to be gay’ is the message now given to children in elementary school, creating a lot of emotional upheaval for many.” With this suggestion in the minds of youth, some will seek to prove they aren’t and others will experiment to see if they are. “It’s one of the reasons we are seeing early sexual relationships,” writes Linda. The ultimate stress translates into suicidality. Linda reiterates the fact that “suicide attempts are not lower in areas [of the world] where homosexuality is widely accepted. The numbers and incidents of risky behavior instead go up as homosexuality is allowed to fully blossom.”

In today’s world children are being taught it’s cool and right to proclaim some “alternative sexual identity,” to think of their parents as out of the loop, to turn to strangers for guidance. In fact, “‘LGBT’ books, clubs, articles and groups are out there strongly encouraging what is essentially a divorce from one’s parents,” taking advantage of natural youthful rebelliousness. Homosexuality, with modern society’s free pass, no possibility of pregnancy, and warnings of very real health risks absent, may be just another way to flaunt that youthful rebelliousness. This of course is inevitably justified, validated, and ingrained by ever-available same-sex pornography and gay associations, and leads to ever more harmful behaviors and consequences.

Where is the warning? With the exception of a few books like this one and a few grassroots groups which are marginalized by the culture, there is none. Even churches, the last bastians of true morality, are abdicating this sacred commission. Linda points out that “[s]ome churches have bought into this false information, and are adding to the stress by presenting openly homosexual adults as role models to youth, and otherwise giving an incomplete picture. They are also deliberately twisting the clear teaching of the Bible. It’s not fair to kids.”

But is it just those unfortunate kids who are drawn into homosexuality who are being duped? No. Those kids who escape homosexual experimentation and the high-risk lifestyle may be the ones encouraging it in others. Which means they are also pawns open to all sorts of wrong ideas and harmful choices. If gay kids can act out sexually, why can’t straight kids? It’s just another symptom of a generation that has lost its way.

Gay youth? There is no such thing. A more accurate description for “gay youth” is vulnerable young human beings, children of God, who have been one or more of the following: cruelly sexualized, fed lies, manipulated, indoctrinated, exposed to pornography, sexually abused, hurt, damaged, and exploited by older people who are out to get gain, gain that takes many selfish, nefarious forms.

The construction of “gay youth” is another example of how modern man has come to despise his own posterity. After all, the promotion of sterile, dangerous homosexual “sex” to children fits right in with the wholesale killing of children before they are even born. In other words, here’s something that not only won’t make more children but will shorten the lives of the rising generation.

It’s up to decent, responsible adults everywhere to rise up and defend the posterity of America against this harmful and disgusting new world that pushes sex on our young. One way to help is to make this book available to kids.

Thank you, Linda Harvey, for Maybe He’s Not Gay!

Maybe He's Not Gay, by Linda Harvey, is available here.


Teens! Learn the Truth about All Things Gay in a New Book Just for You:
Maybe He’s Not Gay, Another View on Homosexuality by Linda Harvey
Book Review for kids by Janice Graham

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” says a friend to a group of girls chatting after church.
“Yes there is,” you manage to say.
“Don’t listen to her,” says another girl. “Her whole family are homophobes.”
Ouch. That hurt. You care about your friends and you know there’s plenty wrong with homosexuality but you don’t know how to say it.

Has something like this ever happened to you? At school, in the bus coming home from a game with your team, at church, in your own home?

How about this?

Your favorite teacher told the class that people are born gay. It even says so in your textbook. The teacher said that lots of people realize they are gay when they are your age. You wonder if you are gay, after all you’d rather hang out with the guys; girls make you nervous. You think maybe you’ll try some same-sex pornography to find out if you are gay. That would prove it, wouldn’t it? You’re tempted to act out sexually. Maybe you already have. You just want to find out who you are.

If you find yourself caught in any kind of scenario like the ones described above, a good woman named Linda Harvey has written a book just for you and your friends. And it’s only about 100 pages. Maybe He’s Not Gay is another view that the mainstream world is suppressing. It exposes the terrible lies being told by irresponsible adults and tells the whole truth about all things gay. It talks about what God thinks about it, why no one is born gay, how younger and younger kids are getting lured into experimenting with homosexuality, how risky gay ideas and behaviors are, and how homosexuality can be repented of.

Girls and guys, this can be your handbook to prepare you for times like the ones described above. It exposes and corrects all the lies some of your friends and teachers are believing and spreading. It gives you the facts and words you need to set the record straight. The most important thing is for you to know the truth for yourself. No young person today should be without these valuable facts!


Maybe He's Not Gay, by Linda Harvey, is available here.

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