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November 1, 2013, #75

SoL Attends 2013 Values Voter Summit, Washington D. C.

Onward Christian Soldiers

It rained on us the two days we spent in D. C. October 11-12, not just moisture from the skies but truth from heaven. That’s where all truth comes from: God. He gives us the faculties–the minds and hearts, the eyes and ears– to recognize it and the agency to decide whether we will embrace it or not.

At this our eighth time attending this conference, we were reunited with friends and met with thousands of like-minded people to hear some of that truth. Minds were engaged, hearts were willing, eyes and ears were open. Ordinary people raised their voices in prayer, applauded, stood and cheered like an army on the front lines marching for God.

These days some say that standing for truth and righteousness in the form of God-based values is a losing battle. But although all of the truly faithful admit that the powers that be appear bent on completely destroying America’s faith and moral foundation, you wouldn’t know the battle was anywhere near lost at this conference. Our morale was boosted, even just by being among and hearing from so many who remain fully engaged in the fight.

It was very validating to be among those who refuse to bury their heads in the sand. Before we can be good soldiers we must face the fact that a full-fledged war is on. It may not be a war fought physically for us here in America, although it is in other parts of the world. Physical threat or not, it is a war between principalities and powers, a fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. Great good and great evil do not dwell in harmony together. One will eventually conquer the other. Christian soldiers know this.

Many good people are resisting this reality. They are busy raising families, working to earn a living, finding enjoyment in God’s many gifts as they face ordinary life’s ups and downs. On top of that, it isn’t pleasant to hear about negative, contentious events. It’s actually scary. People look at their innocent children and grandchildren and can’t bear to imagine what lies ahead for them in a country that has come to despise its own posterity in every conceivable way: physically, economically, morally, spiritually. We are living in a time when infants are routinely slaughtered before or even after birth, when government tyrannizes taxpayers into financial bondage and spends toward future ruin, when blatant, selfish immorality is legitimized, encouraged, and celebrated, when the constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom to live, work, and speak according to the dictates of one’s conscience is abridged, outlawed, and increasingly punished. It is difficult indeed to believe this is happening.

But believe it we must. Sad to say, through mainstream information media, education and science, we rarely hear the full, unbiased, or even actual truth on many given topics. Truth must be sought after and then discerned through our own God-given powers. And if we don’t use these powers, they will atrophy. We’ll end up going along with the crowd as it flings itself as one off the cliff. None of us are immune to being swept up in the depravity. Vigilance requires continually turning back to God and His timeless righteousness. As our country loses its virtues, it will lose its freedom and prosperity. But we and the Lord must always know which side each of us are on.

The New America: God Unwelcome

Along with the regularly discussed issues at this conference such as the economic tyranny overpowering our nation, increasing violence and terrorism at home and abroad, the evils and tragedies of abortion and homosexuality, the larger topic of the war against Christianity, i.e. religious freedom, seemed to be most pressing and all-encompassing.

Ted Cruz said that there are forces determined to violate every single one of our bill of rights. He reminded us that Ronald Reagan said that freedom is not passed down in the blood stream; every generation has to rise up an defend it or one day we’ll be answering our grandchildren’s question, “What was it like when America was free?” (Incidentally, Senator Cruz was shouted down multiple times by what looked to be hired, organized hecklers who were shown out by security guards as soon as possible. At one point dozens stood simultaneously and shouted during his speech.)

Rand Paul said the our tax dollars should never be used to fund a war against Christianity. We need to hold politicians responsible to stand for life and religious liberty. Marco Rubio warned of the rising tide of intolerance towards those who live by traditional values such as self-control, hard work, and morality. Professing his belief in Jesus Christ, he claimed his right to teach this belief to his children. He exhorted us to continue to pray for wisdom and the strength to restore this nation.

Senator Tim Scott (SC) quoted the words to the hymn, Amazing Grace. He talked about how there should be no federal control of education, how parents should be allowed to educate their kids the way they choose. “Don’t let Washington decide what your kids will be taught.”

Mark Levin said that states used to have much more power and influence. U. S. Senators would have been fired if they didn’t listen to their state legislature! Obamacare is a direct assault on our first amendment freedom: religious liberty. There is a complete assault on religious liberty, in the schools, through the culture, through the government.

Gary Bauer told how Obama spoke to group of abortionists; he is a man who can’t find one abortion he would stop, one child he would save. Obama invoked the the blessings of God on people who have killed 50 million American babies. If the majority of conservative Americans ever rise up, we will shake the foundations of the liberal culture. Reagan said the foundation of the good in American is spiritual.

Sandy Rios.This was an amazing speech about the demonization of Christian/family/ traditional value groups by radical leftist organizations. Rios read aloud letter sent to each congressman and senator by homosexualist/radical groups such as GLAAD HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN, and Southern Poverty Law Center warning them not to speak at the Values Voter Summit. The inflammatory letter paints a false picture of the American Family Association and Family Research Council as haters, racists, and extremists rather than moral, Bible-believing, and compassionate. “It is a dangerous time to be a Christian conservative,” said Rios. “If you want an argument talk about the health risks of homosexuality.” No one is allowed to talk about very real dangers. She reported that the CDC has found that about 95% of new HIV cases are occurring in 15-24-year-olds. September was named Ex-Gay month, but we’re not allowed to tell their stories. “Our kids are not where we are and we are going to lose them if we don’t do something . . . Millions of gays and lesbians are trapped in a losing situation . . . We can’t be silent [if] we love them. We need to remind them of the hope for redemption. We and they can be redeemed by the power of Jesus Christ.”

Rick Santorum spoke about a film he’s involved with: Christmas Candle. He said if Hollywood people can be involved in politics, why not a politician involved in Hollywood? The government of our country can’t be good if our families are disintegrating. “Do not back away one inch from what you believe.”

Matt Staver said red lines are being crossed. We need a new great awakening. Pastors need to be brave enough to remove the muzzle and replace it with a megaphone. Pray to God that we can see a rebirth of liberty.

Star Parker spoke about how we have systematically scrubbed our schools of God. “I can’t understand why Christians still send their children to these cesspools we call schools.”
Every child should be taught that there are eternal truths and boundaries that must not be crossed. Men should marry women before they conceive and then teach their children how to live moral and God-fearing lives.

Lila Rose, a soldier on the front line of the pro-life movement, said that the horrific infantacide the infamous Dr. Gosnell was recently charged with is business as usual in the abortion industry. The pro-life movement is fighting for the future of everyone: Obama’s grandchildren, Pelosi’s great-grandchildren! All are made in the image of God.

Todd Starnes was happy to be there to “share fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.” He talked about his book which relates stories about people of faith struggling to raise families in a secular nation. He exhorted us not to be bullied into silence. Our military is touting the idea that people like us are domestic hate groups, that Catholics and evangelicals are extremists. He told the story of Obama’s anti-bullying tzar speaking to students and trashing Christians. One student walked out and classmates followed. There are many such stories.

Starnes was followed by a panel on religious liberty. They told their personal stories of being discriminated against for expressing their religious beliefs. One was Audrey Jarvis, a student at Sonoma State University who was told the cross she was wearing around her neck was offensive to other students and to remove it. She refused. Liberty Institute supported her and the university backed down. She said to pray for those who persecute you. This is not an isolated case. See for 1200 such cases. Craig James also shared his story of being fired from his job at Fox Sports because he had been a candidate 15 months before and had said marriage is between a man and woman. Our first freedom protects us from our employers; they are not supposed to punish us for our religious beliefs.

Another panel was about religious liberty specifically in the military. We learned that threats to this freedom within the military are mounting. Powers that be wish to eradicate the Christian influence, to rid the military of religion. Sergeant Phillip Monk told his story of being punished for his belief in man-woman marriage. But it doesn’t stop there. “This oppression is crouching at the door of the church.” Chaplains are under increasing pressure to conform to an agenda that will impact their freedom to serve the troops. They’re being told to water down their message and refrain from praying. It’s a reflection of what is happening society-wide. The military has long been a bastian of traditional values. This is now being systematically reversed.

Glenn Beck, complete with his chalkboard gave a thought-provoking speech challenging conventional wisdom on a variety of topics, telling the shocking truth about things and people the general public has the completely wrong idea about. “What are we missing?” he asked, ending with “Stay true. Chart your course carefully . . . Don’t compromise your values.”

Click here to go to the Values Voter Summit and view videos of all of these speakers.


-Stephen & Janice Graham

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