Standard of Liberty is an LDS-oriented educational foundation which exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements
overrunning America's Christian-moral-cultural life and to inspire the public will, families, and individuals to counteract these trends.

Please note: Our view of homosexuality and the like does not include rejection or condemnation of individuals, nor is it about acceptance and praise
for unnatural and unhealthy sexual identification and behaviors. We promote hope and help in preventing, understanding, and overcoming sexual problems.
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Get Informed-Scholarly Papers, Speeches, Articles, Pamphlets, Booklets
Find out the truth about the sexual-cultural revolution in America and what can done about it. Read our introductory letter. The following resources are listed in order of their publication dates. Because it may be impractical and unneccessary for you to obtain and study all these materials, we have provided brief descriptions and reviews as an invaluable education in itself. We regularly add to this list so keep checking for new listings.

Scholarly papers, speeches, magazine articles, pamphlets, booklets:

Gay men have 1900% or 3900% higher anal cancer rate than general population.
Here is how to calculate the increased risk of anal cancer among gay men. The general population has 2 cases per 100000 population of anal cancer. Gay men without HIV have 400 cases per 100000, and gay men with HIV have 800 cases per 100000.
Formula for calculating percent increase is (increase/original)x100. Start with the original number 2 and increase to 40. The amount of increase is 38 (40-2=38). So (38/2)x100=1900. So 40 is a 1900% increase over 2. Next, start with the original number 2 and increase to 80. The amount of increase is 78 (80-2=78). So (78/2)x100=3900. So 80 is a 3900% increase over 2.

“The Overhauling of Straight America,” Kirk and Pill, 1987. This is a document used as the bible for “gay” activism. Written decades ago, this underground blueprint revealing strategies to patiently condition our culture into the acceptance of sexual deviance has come true. Defies reason and decency. You have to read it to believe it. Their book, After the Ball, further outlines their strategy.

“Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality,” Charles Socarides, PhD,1992. This essential scholarly paper explains the dishonest and unprofessional removal of homosexuality from the American Psychological Association’s manual’s list of disorders, due to political pressure in 1973, and this event’s disastrous results.

“No More Strangers and Foreigners,” Robert A. Rees, 1992. First given as a talk to a congregation of young LDS adults in a Los Angeles singles ward by Rees, their bishop, this piece of writing from a man we would call a Mormon “gay” activist not so subtly mingles worldly philosophies with scripture. “Unfortunately, Brother Rees would have us show tolerance not only to the individual but to the homosexual conduct as well” (from a review by Richard Bickerton). Under the cloak of Church leadership and false spirituality, it promotes the basic lies of the “gay” agenda (such as homosexuality being as natural as skin color) and encourages serving the Lord by celebrating being heterosexual or homosexual sons and daughters of God.

Pornography’s Effects on Adults and Children, Victor B. Cline, PhD, 1999. A pamphlet written by a top expert everyone should read that will re-sensitize and inform on the far-reaching destruction of pornography. For a copy call Morality in Media 212-870-3222 or read an abridged version On the website, click on the button on the right side, "Effects of Pornography," then click on the tenth item down where you see Dr. Cline's picture.

“Homosexuality, What Works and What Doesn’t Work,” Jeff Robinson, PhD, 2002. A brilliant speech introducing groundbreaking reparative therapy and insights for those with unwanted homosexual tendencies, with an LDS perspective. It is our impression that the LDS media is silencing and ignoring Robinson and his important work. In one instance, a 30-minute videotaped seminar featuring Dr. Robinson was cancelled by KBYU-TV at the last minute apparently due to pressure from "gay" activists.

“Deciphering “Gay” Word-speak and Language of Confusion,” Scott Lively, 2002. This is one of our favorite articles. It exposes the “gay” buzz words like “sexual orientation” (which cleverly invents an “identity” separate from repugnant, unhealthy behavior) and teaches you how to kindly and intelligently talk to a “gay” advocate. We must not let them make baseless statements without challenge. Excellent.

“For the Strength of Gay Youth,” Aaron Cloward, 2004. You have to read this to believe it. Available to anyone, it’s an internet only pamphlet which won a 2004 Affirmation (an LDS “gay” web site) writing award. LDS homosexual activists supposedly in good Church standing give unqualified praise to this piece of writing aimed at kids 12 and up which encourages deviant sexual immorality. Also, click here to hear a 3-minute-long, first-hand, powerful, heart-wrenching warning about this pamphlet from a man ensnared by homosexuality. The audio clip is an excerpt from a July 30, 2005 recording (Catalog #SL05376) of a Sunstone Symposium session entitled "For the Strength of Gay Youth." The de minimus excerpt is for the nonprofit educational purposes of criticism and comment as permitted by federal law.

“Civil Unions: Compromise or Surrender?” Midge Dector, Nov. 2004. A wonderful speech given at Hillsdale College on why we must not allow “gay” civil unions or “gay” marriage. Says Dector, “I want us to stick up for ourselves and the way we live, be as mighty a force in the culture as we are entitled to be if nothing else by virtue of our sheer numbers. I want us to resist all attacks on the way we live, whether from our kids, our grandkids, their momentary culture heroes, or from the overpaid, mindless, sheep-like followers of fashion in the press and academic community who make so much noise in the world around us every day. In other words, let's take back our country. Let us be decent, civil and even loving to our homosexual fellow citizens; but draw the line on what they stand for and on everything else that makes light of our existence.”

“Why Know?” Daniel Radosh, New Yorker Magazine, Dec. 6, 2004. This short article reveals some of the roots of the sexual revolution by way of Alfred Kinsey, a 1940s entomologist (that’s a bug scientist–he studied moths) who has been totally debunked but is still widely quoted and referred to as credible by sexual activists, Hollywood, Oprah, even LDS gays. A new movie called, “Kinsey,” was released in 2004. Judith Reisman in her book says Kinsey was “a scientific and moral fraud, a certifiable sexual psychopath as well as a sadomasochistic pornography addict and a sexually harassing bully.” We totally agree with Reisman.

“The Natural Family: A Manifesto,” Allan C. Carlson and Paul Mero, The Howard Center, 2005, This illuminating 35-page document explains how and why society’s attitudes toward gender and family have changed over the centuries, and the essential importance of preserving natural gender roles. More sociological than religious, it historically backs up the LDS Family Proclamation. Excellent.

“Higher Risk – Crystal Meth, the Internet, and Dangerous Choices about AIDS,” Michael Specter, The New Yorker, May 23, 2005. This well-researched, lengthy magazine article reveals the startling reality of the decadent homosexual lifestyle and the dangerous recurrent rise of AIDS because of the use of drugs and the internet. Learn what’s really happening that the evening news and newspapers won’t report.

“Gender Complementarity and Child Rearing: Where Tradition and Science Agree,” A. Dean Byrd, PhD, 2005. A heavily researched scientific study supporting conjugal marriage and the biological family with shocking, little-known facts on the dangers and depravity inherent in the homosexual life style.

A Guide for Latter-day Saint Families Dealing with Homosexual Attraction, Rees, Schow, Raynes, Bradshaw, 2005. Beware. This dangerously subtle 30-page booklet, put together by LDS college professors and at least one former bishop and others, supports self-identified, unrepentant homosexuality and shames the Church for its stance on homosexual sin. It seeks to change LDS Church doctrine and policy and was made to look like an official Church publication. Don’t be fooled. In between the lines, the authors’ goals include full fellowship and Church calling opportunities for acting homosexuals, and Church sanction for “gay” temple marriages and adoptions. It was produced and distributed by Mormon activists with the help of “gay” millionaire Bruce Bastian and Idaho State Univ, reportedly removed from Deseret Book stores in mid-2005 after complaints from orthodox LDS. Still available for sale in the BYU Bookstore!

“The Battle Over Gay Teens,” John Cloud, Time Magazine, Oct. 10, 2005. Click here to read. Bear in mind this is researched and written by a homosexual for a left-wing magazine, but seems to be fair in some respects and supplies some accurate and shocking information about “gay” activism in our public schools. Mentions Mormons negatively.,10987,1112856,00.html

“The Future of Family Law,” Institute for American Values, 2005. A new report takes a close look at the future of the family because of deep public clashes over the law of marriage, co-habitation, and parenthood. This excellent booklet outlines the very real family and marriage crisis in North America brought on by the sexual revolotuion.

“The Books Were a Front for the Porn, The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement,” Ronald G. Lee, The New Oxford Review, Feb. 2006. We were so grateful and excited to discover this amazing, brave, finely-written, brilliant, honest article – there are no words that can praise it highly enough. Lee unceremoniously rips off the phony romantic window dressing society has been conditioned to believe about the homosexual lifestyle (the recent movie Brokeback Mountain comes to mind) and exposes its inevitable connection to pornography, promiscuity, addiction, illness, and human objectification. Every word of this ten-page article written by an eye-witness former homosexual of 20 years is a must-read. This heart-wrenching true story crumbles Brokeback Mountain to bits. We give it all four stars!

Born That Way? Dr. Neil Whitehead has produced a slide show that shows "gays" and "lesbians" are not born that way. It goes along with his lecture, but you can follow it well enough by just viewing the slides. Click here to see the slide show. See Dr. Whitehead's web site here. 9/24/2007.



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