Standard of Liberty is an LDS-oriented educational foundation which exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements
overrunning America's Christian-moral-cultural life and to inspire the public will, families, and individuals to counteract these trends.

Please note: Our view of homosexuality and the like does not include rejection or condemnation of individuals, nor is it about acceptance and praise
for unnatural and unhealthy sexual identification and behaviors. We promote hope and help in preventing, understanding, and overcoming sexual problems.
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Find out the truth about the sexual-cultural revolution in America and what can done about it. Read our introductory letter. The following books are listed in order of their publication dates. Because it may be impractical and unneccessary for you to obtain and study all these materials, we have provided brief descriptions and reviews as an invaluable education in itself. We regularly add to this list so keep checking for new listings.

Books: These books, new and used, may be purchased online by going to and searching for titles and authors’ names. Prices range from $0.01 to full retail, plus shipping. You can generally get them for a greatly reduced price, and conveniently delivered right to your mailbox in less than a week.

Me Tarzan You Jane, by Janice Barrett Graham, illustrated by Lili Ribeira and Andrew S. Graham, Copyright 2011 by Janice Barrett Graham. Do children need to be taught the proper attitudes about male and female, romantic feelings, and marriage? YES! But what is our modern culture teaching them? All manner of wrong ideas! Here is help!

Standard of Liberty and Tidal Wave Books are pleased to announce Me Tarzan, You Jane, a 28-page book for the youngest children filled with God’s timeless truths about the most basic of realities. The author is Janice Barrett Graham, an award-winning children’s writer whose stories and articles have appeared in a long list of publications including Highlights for Children and The Friend.

Me Tarzan, You Jane is nondenominational, charmingly illustrated, and contains such gentle language that parents will feel comfortable with unlimited readings of this book with children of any age.

Given most parents’ natural respect for childhood modesty, many children are growing up exposed to unchallenged misinformation regarding gender and gender roles. Thus, the simple truths contained in this book are for ALL children. Our oversexed, secularized, Godless environment puts every child in danger of developing complacent, perverse attitudes and slipping into the arbitrary, politically correct philosophies of the day that will affect every aspect of their welfare. In today’s jungle, Me Tarzan, You Jane is a great tool to help instill essential healthy attitudes and counteract wildly popular falsehoods.

Please take a look at the text of this book in its entirety. Feel free to use this text with your family, or if you’d like the charming book, it is now available online for only $7.00 per copy, including shipping. Click here to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis, 1944. In one tiny volume written 60 years ago, the last century’s leading Christian apologist explains how letting go of age-old traditional standards of right and wrong, truth and error, good and bad, order and chaos, will result in the destruction of civilization and mankind itself. A prophetic must-read. We also recommend Mere Christianity for priceless insights and as an introduction to more of Lewis’s transcendent writings.

The Miracle of Forgiveness, Spencer W. Kimball, Deseret Book, 1969, reprinted 2004. This LDS classic containing eternal truths such as the sinfulness of homosexual lust is now being condemned by Mormon activists who seek to legitimize homosexuality. Says Pres. Kimball, “. .. deviations from normal, proper heterosexual relationships are not merely unnatural but wrong in the sight of God . . . Those who would claim that the homosexual is a third sex and that there is nothing wrong in such associations can hardly believe in God or in his scriptures . . . Of the adverse social effects of homosexuality none is more significant than the effect on marriage and home.”

After the Ball – How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s, Kirk and Madsen, 1989. The longer version of “Overhauling Straight America, this is considered the “bible” for gay activism. A blueprint for change in America, much of if has now come true, proving that societal changes, for evil or good, are not spontaneous but carefully planned and patiently carried out.

Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People, Reisman and Eichel, 1990. “The authors take on the role of the little boy from the Emporer’s New Clothes and say simply, ‘Kinsey was a fraud.’(from a review by Kevin Marett, PhD).” Back in the 1940s Kinsey did pseudo-scientific studies (including encouraging adultery within his staff and conducting sexual experiments on infants and children) which are now embraced by activists and the mainstream media. (On her show Oprah has referred to Kinsey’s “spectrum” to explain child and teen homosexuality and bisexuality.)

Peculiar People – Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation, edited by Ron Schow, Wayne Schow, and Marybeth Raynes, 1991. A glaringly unscientific, pro-homosexuality collection of thoughts, articles, and speeches. Read a review debunking this book by Scott Peterson in Understanding Homosexuality, Perspectives of LDS Psychologists and Psychotherapists, p. 120.

Reparative therapy of Male Homosexuality: A new clinical approach, Joseph Nicolosi, 1991. Nicolosi refutes the claims of the “gay” agenda by framing “two counter-assumptions: (1) the homosexual condition often has developmental and dynamic underpinnings involving male-identity failure; and , (2) clinical evidence clearly demonstrates optimism by confirming the change process” (from a review by I. Reed Payne, PhD, Brigham Young University).

Understanding Homosexuality – Perspectives of LDS Psychologists and Psychotherapists, 1993. “Only one perspective gets published now [in professional journals]– the “gay” affirming one.” That is why this book was prepared, as a “resource for. . .therapists and for their . . . clients who seek assistance in controlling and overcoming their unwanted homosexual tendencies.” It’s dismaying to us that this book and many others like it are not produced, promoted and mainstreamed through LDS media and retail stores.

Born that Way? Erin Eldridge,1994. This was the LDS Church’s first attempt at a book addressing homosexuality. Soon went out of print. It’s a supposedly true story of a young LDS woman’s ruined childhood and deeply troubled alcoholic adulthood which includes struggling to overcome lesbianism. Leaves the reader with a general helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s credibility is controversial and its title does not fit its content. Not recommended.

Homosexuality, A Freedom Too Far, Charles W. Socarides, M.D., 1995. America's leading expert compassionatley answers 1,000 questions about causes of and cure for homosexuality and discusses the impact of the gay rights movement on American society including the seduction of the innocent in our nation’s classrooms. A huge amount of easy-to-read information. We'd like to see it updated to include the effects of internet pornography and pro-gay entertainment since 1995.

Defending Pornography – Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women’s Rights, Nadine Strossen, 1995. Written by the president of the ACLU, this book is an evil psychological mess. The author mostly seems to have a hidden agenda to defame a few sister feminists (who speak out against porn’s negative effects on women) by lauding its so-called benefits. We include this in our list not to recommend it for reading but to make you aware that such material is in existence and highly regarded in powerful circles, and to reveal that the peddlers and supporters of this offensive material are often what Tammy Bruce calls “malignant narcissists,” individuals in great need of psychological help.

Slouching Towards Gomorrah, Robert H. Bork, 1996. America’s most distinguished conservative scholar explains the development of modern liberalism, how radical egalitarianism (the equality of outcomes rather than opportunities) and radial individualism (the drastic reduction of limits to personal gratification) has undermined our culture, our intellect, and our morality. An essential ,wonderfully insightful, and comprehensive view of dangerous modern movements, including radical feminism, the sexual revolution, and multiculturalism, that threaten America’s safety and freedoms. In order to redeem our culture, Bork suggests two solutions: a revival of orthodox religion and a revival of public discourse about traditional morality. This is what the Standard of Liberty Foundtaion and web site (and many other organizations) are all about.

It's Perfectly Normal, Robie H. Harris, illustrated by Michael Emberley, Candelwick Press, Cambridge, Massachusettes, 1996. This multi-award winner which as of 2004 had reportedly sold over a million copies mostly to city, county, and public school libraries and Planned Parenthood sex education programs for age 9-14, is a text-book-looking picture-book packed with extra-adorable, more real than cartoony, drawings of naked human beings of every age, male and female genitals, and humans engaging in sex, along with detailed descriptions of genitalia, intercourse, orgasm, condoms, artificial insemination, the birth process, STDs, etc. Quirky bird and bee characters make comments on the sidelines throughout the book, beginning with the bigger bird calling the smaller bee "a chicken" if he doesn't want to learn about sex. While there is some good biological information in this book (of the type kids learn in school maturation programs), there is plenty wrong with it, including: It unnecessarily and unceremoniously decimates childhood innocence. It presumes to teach children an amoral view of sex and sexuality, usurping the role of parents and their prerogative as to when and how to present this information. (As our adult son said when he saw the book, "This is not something you learn in cartoons!") It makes no judgments about right or wrong. It sets no age limits for sexual behavior (targeting pre-pubescent children). The word "marriage" does not appear in the book. It presents homosexuality on equal footing with heterosexuality in a chapter called "Straight and Gay." It promotes masturbation beginning before puberty, including suggested technics and pictures, in a chapter called "Perfectly Normal." It directly disparages religion, saying, "Some religions call masturbation a sin. But masturbating is perfectly normal." It explains HIV/AIDS as a disease that can be contracted equally whether engaging in hetero or homosexual sex, and does not mention promiscuity or monogamy. It lists nine reasons "a female or couple might want or need" an abortion. And more. This book is neither totally "accurate" or "unbiased", as it purports. It is clever and dangerous propaganda that promotes sex for children and dilutes and demeans the biological family and traditional morality. We call it child abuse. Please note that the sexual activist movement for children has become many times more aggressive since this book was published. We called around and found copies of this book available in 30 libraries in Utah.

Understanding Male Homosexual Problems: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints, Jason Park, 1997. This booklet is privately distributed to LDS leaders and presents an understanding of male homosexuality in the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It dispels the myth that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable. It states that the solution to homosexual attractions is not to simply suppress the feelings and control the behavior through willpower; the goal is to resolve the inner conflicts that created the homosexual attractions. Although homosexual behavior can be stopped in the short term by exercising willpower, the unmet emotional and social needs won't go away until they are fulfilled in nonsexual ways. As men resolve the underlying causes, the unwanted impulses will diminish or disappear. The author knows this first-hand because he has experienced such changes in his own life.

Saving Childhood– Protecting Our Children from the National Assault on Innocence, Diane and Michael Medved, 1998. “We worry not only what might happen to our kids on the way to school, but what values they will learn once they get there. We’re concerned not only with the threat of physical assault, but with the emotional and moral battering from peers and the media.” The Medveds do wonderful work.

7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child – A parent’s guide to protecting children from homosexuality and the “gay” movement, Scott Lively, 1998. Did you know . . . that any child can be recruited into homosexuality – and that, once recruited, more than half never recover? . . . that many parents help the “gay” movement to recruit their children without even knowing it? . . . that your child may be far more vulnerable to recruitment that you ever imagined? Essential information. In this day and age no child is safe. The “gay” movement is affecting everyone in some way.

A War We Must Win – A Frontline Account of the Battle Against the Pornography Conspiracy, John Harmer, Bookcraft, 1999. Written by a modern-day Moroni, one of the LDS Church’s most informed, persistent, and valiant soldiers for truth and righteousness, here is expert information from the legal front about the motivations behind the largely unchallenged spread of pornography, its tragic effects, and the absolute need to eliminate it in all its forms from our society and culture. Every word is a must-read. Includes a chapter, “Pornography and Homosexuality.” Many people do not realize that pornography is the mainstay of the homosexual lifestyle and that the multi-billion dollar porn industry shamelessly recruits and exploits “homosexuals.”

The New Tolerance, Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1998. I love books by truly concerned and compassionate Christians exposing our corrupt culture and giving helpful suggestions on how to help turn it around. This one is very good. My only worry is that the authors seem a little unrealistic. Of course it was written several years ago and things have gotten worse. They stick to their guns while actively reaching out to the enemies of Christianity. I don’t know if this is possible anymore, but I agree that we should keep trying. Contains lots of important info and good ideas, my favorites being that we must exemplify and teach our children how to discern between truth and error, and between love and approval.

Homosexuality and The Church of Jesus Christ, A. Dean Byrd, 2001. Find out what the scriptures and LDS prophets say about homosexuality in no uncertain terms in this succinct, essential collection. Surprisingly, even though the manuscript for this book was recommended by two LDS apostles, Deseret Book rejected it for publication. It is published by Cedar Fort.

The New Thought Police, Tammy Bruce, 2001. We don’t agree with Tammy on everything but she’s right on about how George Orwells’ sci-fi classic 1984 has now become a reality in America. Our freedom to speak our minds is under attack by the extreme radical feminist, civil rights, and homosexual movements. A huge reality check.

Harmful to Minors – The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, Judith Levine, 2002. No, we’re not kidding. This is a real book and the author/journalist “is a respected part of the Left Elite, highly regarded in academia and in the gay and lesbian establishment,” according to Tammy Bruce. You don’t need to read this book to know that it is the most evil propaganda imaginable. Writes the author, “Sex is not harmful to children. It is a vehicle to self-knowledge love, healing, creativity, adventure, and intense feelings of aliveness. There are many ways even the smallest of children can partake of it.” We have to be aware that horrendous ideas like this are being actively promoted and believed and subtly infiltrated into our culture just as the prophets have fortetold so that we can recognize them in all their forms and counteract them.

The Homosexual Agenda–Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today, Alan Sears and Craig Osten, 2003. “If you have a child in public schools, it is vital that you know what is going on. It will require great diligence on your part, but your efforts are crucial . . . It is time to take back our schools from the radical homosexual activists for the sake of our children” (from chapter 3, “Stupid Parents, ‘Enlightened’ Kids”).

Arrogance–Rescuing America from the Media Elite, Bernard Goldberg, 2003. An insider’s eye-opening disclosure on the mainstream media’s unscrupulous practices to remake American culture. The index lists several undeniable references to the media’s pro-homosexuality slant.

The Death of Right and Wrong, Tammy Bruce, 2003. More essential information about the radical liberal agenda which is changing our culture. She says, “Any message to children about sexuality belongs in the hands of parents, not of strangers in positions of authority, frankly, like teachers.” Bold, amazing insight on disturbing, true events and trends.

Same-Sex Marriage, Putting Every Household at Risk, Matthew D. Staver, 2004. This book shows how this issue is much bigger than tolerating the choices of consenting adults and why we need to be informed and involved.

The Gay Agenda, Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, 2004. Written by a Methodist pastor, this short book is a good and timely overview of the anti-God, anti-family homosexual movement in America today. He quotes Dr. James Dobson, “The number one issue for the family today is the homosexual activist agenda.” We like this book. It bravely exposes the sinfulness of homosexuality and emphasizes truth , charity, and repentance through Christ.

The ACLU vs America, Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values, Alan Sears and Craig Osten, 2005. As a result of ACLU efforts, the church has been silenced, parental authority has been undermined, children are far less safe, and human life is cheapened. Lots about the gay agenda. A great book.

My Daring from the Lions, Janice Graham, 2005. Real-life journal entries tell the story of an LDS mother’s spiritual growth through her teenage son’s bout with pornography addiction and homosexuality. Includes glowing expert and celebrity endorsements. Although it is on a few of its store shelves, Deseret Book has refused to allow promotion (book signings, inclusion in catalogs, mailing fliers) of this book even at the author’s expense apparently because of its message that people can transcend homosexual tendencies.

Captain of My Soul, Aaron S. Grant, 2011. A young LDS man’s true story of being stereotyped and abused by peers as a child, lured into same gender internet pornography during his high school years, and recruited into cursory homosexual experimentation with older men while at Brigham Young University. Shows the undeniable link between internet porn, chat rooms, sex addiction, and homosexuality and the deceitful and predatory nature of the “gay” lifestyle. The story ends happily with his subsequent deliverance and healing through family support, expert professional counseling, truth, and repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.



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